[FAQ] 絶体絶命都市3 (1日目)

"Waking up from a light nap, I open my eyes and a harmonious scene appears...

...the window lets in in the warm morning sunlight as I gaze upon the figures of seabirds flying in the sky...

...soon, Central Island comes into view. 

I'll be settling in there when I start attending college next week.

After going through this tunnel, Central Island awaits up ahead.

A new place, a new life... wonderful things were about to begin for me...

...or at least, that's how it should have been..." 

===5.1 EXPRESS BUS===
After the opening FMV, you'll hear two girls talking in the bus about how Central Island has been ranked the number 1 place to live in according to a magazine article. The excited girl laments not having enrolled in any school there, though she seems more inclined to play around instead of studying (as her friend indirectly points out).

Their discussion makes you think about how you'll spend your own life as a freshman in college.

-I should study properly... modern times call for sound choices.
-Clubs and group dates left and right... 4 years of goofing off!
-I might meet my soulmate in college...!
-Better get a part-time job soon so I can pay the school fees.
-Oh God! Please don't let me get held back a year!
-I'd rather go back to my life in high school.
-In the end, nothing's really changed...

-I should study properly... I want to become a woman of many talents.
-College is a time to let loose and have fun!
-Gotta find a good man and start living the sweet life...!
-Better get a part-time job soon so I can pay the school fees.
-Oh God! Please don't let me get held back a year!
-I wanted to be a high school student forever...
-Hmph... the boring days are still dragging on.

Next, you hear a little girl telling her mom that she's hungry. The mom enthusiastically promises her child something good as soon as they get there, even asking for specifics. The kid thinks about having hamburgers, sushi or even curry. Her mom decides on curry for their lunch out.

The mention of food makes you feel hungry as well.

-I should celebrate my new life with some yakiniku!!
-Eating out is pointless... I'll just make something in my room.
-I'm flat broke... a convenience store meal will do.
-Gotta practice cooking in preparation for getting a girlfiend!

-Just for today, I'll stop calorie-counting and eat a lot!
-Taking cost-effectivity into account, I should just cook for myself.
-Lately I've been getting a little fat... I shouldn't eat at all...
-When I get a boyfriend, I'll cook lots of stuff to impress him!

Finally, you hear two gossiping guys up front talking about the suicide case connected to the developers of Central Island. Needless to say, the news unsettles you a bit.

-Case details aside, I pity those who kill themselves...
-I remember hearing about that on the news...
-It's the person's own fault for getting involved in shady stuff.
-Getting excited over a rumor... not the kind of company I'd want.
-What a scary story... I don't think I'll be able to sleep tonight.
-That aside, I'm really getting hungry...

-A suicide huh... I feel bad for the family left behind.
-I should look up the details of this island...
-A person who delves in suspicious things will suffer the consequences eventually.
-Worthless drivel... the standards of people here are quite low...
-Suicides are scary! I don't want to hear about it anymore...
-That aside, I want to do something about this situation...

The choices you make will determine your character's initial personality. I recommend you take the Cool type for Naoki/Passionate type for Rina, since it will even out their respective base traits. But if you fare batter with other types, then don't let me stop you.

So after all the small talk, the earthquake happens. The FMV makes it look like everyone's gonna bite the big one at first...

ITEMS: White Handkerchief, Small Rucksack, First Aid Kit.
COMPASS: ~Naoki: Feng Shui Disk 
                      ~Rina: Devil Tail
DISASTER MANUALS: 01, 04, 73, 02.

...but no. Hours later you come to and find yourself on the floor of the bus, which seems tighter than usual on account of tunnel debris crushing the bus roof.

-What the heck just happened...?
-Oh crap... this can't be...
-This is a serious situation...
-Anyway, I gotta get out of here!

As you crawl through the floor, you come to realize that you were the only passenger who survived. The two excited girls, the parent and child, the rumormongers... all of them are gone.

As soon as you exit the bus, large tunnel debris falls, totalling it. You are then given a tutorial message on how to run (Analog stick + X). As soon as you can move, pull the stick down, hold X and RUN LIKE HELL! Dawdling means instant doom. Not a good way to start things off.

You manage to get out safely, stressed out just a little bit. The game will now teach you how to crouch (R Button) and that you should do it everytime a quake/aftershock occurs so you don't lose health by falling on the floor. (and getting a permanent knockdown count tacked on your record) The crawling motion is also mentioned, but you won't need to do that until a little later.

Pick up the White Handkerchief up ahead and equip it. Stress increases faster when you walk around areas with smoke, so it helps to have something other than your bare hand to cover your mouth and nose.Crawling under the smoke works, too.

Move forward, and you'll get the 411 on how stress grows, but we've already covered that on the prior sections, so no need to repeat.

Disaster Manual 01 (Countering Effects of Smoke) is now unlocked.

Advance further and an event pops up. A hefty middle-aged man seems to have survived the quake as well. You wonder if you should make contact with him...

-There's somebody here... I should call out to him!
-He should've been crouching if the smoke's too thick.
-This guy seems rather violent...
-I'll keep out of sight and watch him.

-There's somebody here... I might actually get saved!
-At that rate he's gonna suffocate... there's too much smoke.
-What a scary man... I'd better stay scarce.
-I don't know if he can help me or not. I should watch him first.

The big guy picks up his cellphone and tries to call someone, but to no avail. Well duh, wireless communication devices don't work in enclosed places with high concentrations of harmonic resonance... underwater tunnels happen to be one such example, FYI.

Frustrated, he mutters about everyone being useless. Oh yeah, he mentioned his name during the call attempt, which was Morita... is there a relation to the late great Noriyuki Morita by any chance? Nah, just messing. Anyway, what do you think?

-That's one very cranky guy...
-Morita, huh... who the heck is he?
-Whatever, I gotta get out of here too!

Disaster Manual 04 (Cellphone Use During Disasters) is now unlocked.

Walk a little bit more and another event will pop up. You will hear a short broadcast about the earthquake until the car radio breaks. Afterwards, you try to talk to the man sprawled in his car, realizing upon closer inspection that he is no longer with us. This realization comes at a hefty price: Your stress will hit high noon!!

When you come to your senses, you notice the Small Rucksack near the body. Looking inside, you find it empty. Since your luggage got flattened back in the bus, you wonder if you should take the dead man's rucksack...

-I'm sorry, but I'm going to take this...
-I reckon it would benefit him as well if I use it.
-It would be really useful for me... I'll just take it.
-Would have been nice if this bag had a cooler design.

-I apologize, but I'm going to take this with me...
-I reckon it would benefit him as well if I use it.
-It might come in handy, so I'll just take it.
-So cheap. Would have been better if this was a high-end brand.

No matter what you choose, you'll still take it. You need it WAY more than he does, obviously.

Disaster Manual 73 (Rucksacks) is now unlocked.

Anyway, moving on... don't panic even if your health is almost at critical. Just keep going. Pick up Disaster Manual 02 (Using Maps During Disasters) near the wall on the right. You absolutely need to crouch when an aftershock occurs, because at your current state, losing balance = one inch closer to doom. Go towards the elevated path and the game will teach you how to scale ledges (just get close to the ledge and keep the analog stick at the desired direction).

A First Aid Kit is lying in front of a wrecked truck. You can use it now or keep it for later. Up ahead is where you'll come across your first pitfall. in order to clear it, you'll have to run, automatically jumping upon reaching the gap. Now proceed to the dead end and pick up the compass there. The game will ask you if you want to switch to it, and the same question will pop up each time you pick up a new one.

Approach the next truck at the opposite side and press L/Directional Keys to change your view. Brace yourself and climb up.

As soon as you're on the truck, it will slowly dislodge from the concrete. RUN LIKE HELL(again)! Don't worry if your jump falls a little short of the ledge, you'll be hanging on for dear life anyway. Just keep the analog stick held up. The game will show you an unsettling scene of the truck disappearing in the shadows of the chasm with a loud crash before letting you climb.

Once you are able to pull yourself up, the only thing in front of you now is a door with a "No Entry" sign. Screw that, this is a life and death situation we're dealing with here! Press Circle to open the door.

ITEMS: Jack, Weekly Gekisha, Bottled Water 500ml.
COSTUME: ~Naoki: Casual Shirt 
                      ~Rina: Boyish Style
COMPASS: ~Naoki: Pencil
                     ~Rina: Scribble

Upon entering the room, the downhill tunnel collapses. There is no turning back. Pick up the compass at the southwestern end of the room (if you're playing as Rina) and make good use of the bench. Aside from fully restoring your health, it also serves as the save point.

Exit the room and head south. You'll see a heavy rock blocking a way out. You can't lift it by yourself, so go north for now. You'll hear a woman's voice... there's somebody around that part. The game will tell you to press Square so you can yell back to confirm the woman's location. Whether you do it or not doesn't really matter as long as you go up to where she is under the white car.

Disaster Manual 23 (Methods On Locating People) will be unlocked.

The woman is relieved that you found her, she can't get out and fears that the car is going to crush her anytime soon. What do you do?

-I'll look for a way to lift it up.
-I'll try and do something about it, so hold on!
-Ask if it hurts, then observe.
-Pretend not to notice her and slowly walk away.

-I'll look for a way to lift it up.
-Oh dear, I gotta call for help! Then run away.
-I can't do anything by myself...
-Pretend not to notice her and slowly walk away.

(NOTE: Sequences with single-line partitions denote choices that only appear when you choose to be selfish/mean to someone. Skip them if you make halfway decent/good dialogue choices.)
If you pick the last choice (you evil, heartless b'tard!) she'll implore you to help her, since she can't move an inch. More choices will come up. 

-Whoa! So you were there all along?
-Guess it can't be helped...

-Wha? Oh sorry, I didn't realize that there was someone here...
-Guess it can't be helped....

Regardless of what you pick, the choices revert to the initial set minus "Pretend not to notice her and slowly walk away". Beat around the bush all you want, but you have to help her eventually in order to advance.

So when you assure her that you'll actually be back with a way to get her out from under that car, you'll be able to move again. Pick up the Bottled Water and the Weekly Gekisha magazine close by. There's something on the car that's teetering on the edge of the cliff, but we'll get to that later. Clamber on over the car on the far east to pick up a costume set on the other side (and a compass for Naoki). Anything's better then the raggy clothes you had on after escaping the bus, so use them! Now we turn our attention back to that dubious car near the cliff, which is an obvious homage to a classic situation in ZZT1. There's a Jack on the car's trunk, an item that's just what the doctor ordered...

Disaster Manual 03 (Practical Use Of A Jack) is now unlocked.

...after you pick up the Jack, an earthquake and an aftershock will occur one after the other. Stay crouched. A trashed car will dislodge and hit the one you're on, causing another shaky situation. When things even out, do whatever it takes to get off the car. It's a lot simpler than it looks, so if you can't cut it, then this game isn't for you.

Looks like clear sailing from here at the moment. Return to the white car, open the menu screen and use the Jack from your inventory. Congratulations, you've just become a true hero/heroine! (scratch that last part if you tried to get out of doing it at least once)

Now you hear her story: One minute she was driving, and the quake happened. She lost control of the car, and found herself underneath it upon regaining consciousness (from inside to outside and underneath? How did THAT happen?). Moreover, save for a few little cuts and tears on her clothes, she seems relatively uninjured, much like yourself.

And now, more life-altering statement choices for your part:

-I'm just glad I made it in time.
-What a relief...
-Does it hurt anywhere?
-It felt a like a bit of a chore.
-W-wow, she's hot...

-It's natural to help each other out when in a bind.
-What a relief...
-Are you feeling okay?
-Frankly, I didn't want to save another woman.
-S-she's so beautiful...

So yeah. Then she asks you what happened. How do you say it?

-Looks like a really strong earthquake occurred! (Panicked tone)
-Looks like a really strong earthquake occurred. (Calm tone)
-Looks like a really strong earthquake occurred... (Grim tone)

She'll ask if there were other survivors, and suddenly remembers that there was a big old man (Morita) who came through a while ago and ignored her cries for help. Such an awful thing to do, she says.

So hero, what's your take on that?

-Yeah, that's an awful thing for him to do.
-P-p-p-perhaps he really just didn't notice you?
-I think that deep inside, he really wanted to help...
-You're the awful one! Your face looks the part!
-You're the awful one! Your heart is in the wrong place!

Not taking her side will start an argument. She doesn't get your funky attempt at righteousness (who would?). New choices come up if you pick the last response:

-You don't have enough consideration for other people's feelings!
-You never even gave a thought to the situation he was in!
-Did you think it was natural that you MUST be saved?
-Do you mistakenly fancy yourself as one of those movie/video game heroines?

Your stress will drop during the course of the argument, but is it REALLY worth it to have her mad at you?

Anyway, after all the hubbub, she finally introduces herself: Saki Honjou. When it's your turn to say your name, how would you do it?

-State your name pleasantly and wave.
-State your name formally.
-State your name in a flirtatious manner with a wink.
-State your name coldly.

-State your name pleasantly and wave.
-State your name formally.
-State your name in a cutesy manner.
-State your name coldly.

When the introductions are out of the way, Saki suggests that you both get out ASAP, but an event will interrupt your escape. Seems like Saki's adrenaline from trying to stay alive has worn off, and the stress she suffered made her legs give way. Luckily, you know the ultimate cure-all for PTSD: That's right, THE BENCH!

In a matter of seconds, she's able to calm down. Boy, where can I get me one of those benches? Anyway, Saki asks how old you are, since you seem rather young compared to her:

-I'm 19 years old.
-Despite appearances, I'm 13658 years old.
-My binary age is 10011.
-Speak like a toddler and say "I'm age phive!"

-I'm 18 years old.
-Despite appearances, I'm 31865 years old.
-My binary age is 10010.
-Speak like a toddler and say "I'm age thwee!"

Any choice that isn't the first one is a bust, and you'll end up stating your true age anyway (or in the case of the binary gag, Saki figures it out with a bit of mental computation). The toddler bit is more amusing though. Regardless, Saki feels much better now, so time to dig your way out of that damned tunnel.

At this point, I command you to return to the bench and SAVE NOW. It's gonna be a while until you can do so again.

Head south once more and examine the rock. With Saki's help, that troublesome slab can be heaved aside.Crawl through the opening to get to the next section of the tunnel.

COMPASS: ~Naoki: Tuna  
                      ~Rina: Pelican

After that arduous crawl, the tunnel decides to make life difficult for you two by cracking up and letting water in. Oh joy. It's like Geo City all over again...

You need to rush, but DO NOT PANIC! go forward and make your way to the emergency door due east. Avoid coming in contact with the water seeping from the sides and above, as the pressure will slow you down. There's a compass within this tunnel right smack at the western part opposite the car near the starting point for Naoki, and around the far south for Rina near one of the seepages. Take it as fast as you can before going through the east door, because once you do, the tunnel will cave in and you cannot go back. Don't forget to crouch during the quake! A slip-up takes time, and you have very little of that right now.

Once inside the room, make a beeline for the south door.

*For Naoki's route, he'll try to open it but it won't budge. to that end, he opts to ram it.

*For Rina's route, Saki will try to break the door, but she can't manage on her own and asks for help.

Go up to the door once again and start tapping Circle. It doesn't matter how fast you do it, as long as you don't stop. After three good tackles, the door gives way. By now, the flood has risen quite a bit, meaning you can no longer run. That's okay, once you're through that door, you're in the clear.

ITEMS: Harusaki Bay Travel Pamphlet.

If you've made it here, you can relax. There won't be anymore dangerous happenings for a while. Climb up the stairs and pick up the Harusaki Bay Travel Pamphlet lying on one of the landings. Next, open the door to finally take in some fresh island air...

ITEMS: Houto Newspaper 1
COSTUME: ~Naoki: Layered Sweater
                      ~Rina: Pink Tights
COMPASS: ~Naoki: Clown
                      ~Rina: Shishiodoshi

So much for that fresh island air... turns out, the earthquake was so bad that it hit the whole island pretty hard too: A busted railway, crumbled buildings, wrecked cars, scattered fires and uneven roads... Central Island is now but a shadow of it's former upscale glory.

You and Saki have no choice but to take in the traumatic scenery with another stress boost on your part. The degree depends on your personality type, but it usually hits a little less/more than half.

After getting her bearings, Saki wonders what to do now...

-Is there an evacuation center around?
-Let's look for places where there are people about.
-Okay, guess this is where you and I part ways!
-Cry and exclaim "WHAT DO WE DO NOW!?"

-Shouldn't we go to an evacuation center?
-I wonder where everyone went...?
-Okay, guess this is where you and I part ways!
-Cry and exclaim "WE'RE DOOMED!"

You wanna fight with Saki again? I won't stop you. But at this point, it's impractical if you need her ending. If you threaten to part with her, more fun choices come up as she asks you what you intend to do on your own:

-Well duh, I'm going to the evacuation center!
-Obviously, I need to go to the toilet. Don't follow me!
-Shut up! Stop hassling me!
-Naturally, I'm leaving this island.

-Well duh, I'm going to the evacuation center!
-Obviously, I need to go to the toilet. Care to join me?
-Shut up! I'm free to go where I want!
-Naturally, I'm leaving this island.

Pick the toilet bit, and you'll actually go... (stress will decrease a little in the process) so um, anyway, no matter how much you make her loathe you, Saki won't go away.

Being a local of this island, Saki remembers that the designated evacuation center for the Western Ward was a nearby middle school. She then asks you to accompany her, as it seems dangerous to go alone.

-I agree. Shall we go to the evacuation center together?
-Can't be helped... fine, I'll let you come with me.
-I wanted to go by myself, but if you say so...

Again, you can't get rid of her. So quit being a jerk while you're ahead. :P

By the way, if you went with the last choice from the earlier set, this one won't show up anymore.

Disaster Manual 05 (Evacuation Center) is now unlocked.

Go north and pick up the Houto Newspaper beside the truck. There are a couple of injured men around here who seem to have given up hope of getting out alive.You can talk to them if you want. If you need to save, you can rest on the bench between the exit you just came from and the wrecked shopping mall due east.

-The Shishiodoshi compass for Rina is at the southwestern sidewalk near the elevated road. The Clown compass for Naoki's path is in the eastern construction fence enclosure near the sweet shop.

-At the eastern end near the shopping mall, you can pick up the Rina's second costume. If you're playing as Naoki, his costume is almost in the same place, but further north near the bench.

Go south, and DO NOT try to jump that gap. There's a girder nearby which you can use to cross. Once on it, you'll adopt a balancing pose. Just keep moving straight and you won't have any problems. Incidentally, you can cross faster if you hold X. Be careful so you won't fall.

When you get to the other side, you look back and Saki still hasn't followed you. Don't fret, she's a bit scared but is mustering up the guts to cross. She'll get there eventually.

You can "intentionally" start an earthquake here. Just go near that green truck teetering on the edge of the gap. Don't forget to crouch! I cannot emphasize that enough.

On this side, you are faced with a bit of a situation: The initial quake elevated the road ahead so much that you can't reach the ledge to climb up. Go in front of it to trigger the event.

Disaster Manual 06 (Road Damage) is now unlocked.

You can choose between 4 objects to use as a foothold:
-BEER CASE: On the eastern pavement adjacent the green truck.
-TRASH BIN: Also east, located on the sidewalk behind the bushes.
-TRAFFIC CONE: Situated near some construction fences due west.
-ICE CREAM LANTERN: Crumbled western building near the elevated road. Beware, a cave-in occurs when you get close.

If you don't want to send the duo on a wild-goose chase, just pick up the Trash Bin. Climb over it and make your way up that road into the next area.

ITEMS: Face Mask
COMPASS: ~Naoki: Daruma, Yellow Card
                     ~Rina: Red Card, Paper Crane

After you and Saki climb up the damaged road, you hear someone getting into a car. What's the first thing on your mind?

-(Maybe we can hitch a ride!)
-(Driving a car is a bit dangerous here...)
-(Isn't it that Morita guy from earlier?)
-(That car looks expensive!)

Saki calls out to the driver, but no dice. The car speeds away due east.

Disaster Manual 07 (The Dangers Of Cars) is now unlocked.

There's another bench near one of the western buildings. I'd save if I were you. If you walk towards the car parked near the sidewalk, you'll hear a radio broadcast informing the public about the designated evacuation centers in Central Island. Western Ward Residents are to evacuate to West Third Junior High. The radio dies before the Eastern Ward evacuation center location was revealed, but since you're in the Western Ward, that last bit isn't particularly relevant at the moment.

The best (and only) open route is the same path that the speeding car took, so that's where you're going.

Before you proceed, go behind the car where you heard the radio broadcast from to pick up the Red Card compass for Rina. At the eastern end right of the path, you'll find a Face Mask for colds and pollution. It helps, but putting it on makes you look suspicious (and ugly). Now go through the path, but first go to the bushes near the tree to get the Paper Crane compass.

If you're playing as Naoki, head  northwest of the elevated road to pick up the Daruma compass. The Yellow Card compass is in the same place as Rina's Red Card one.

Okay, I'm done having you check for stuff. Time to get moving.

Prepare to crouch. A quake will occur and a car will fall on the road behind you, meaning you are now cut off from the prior locations. This will always happen at certain parts of the game, so be thorough when hunting for items because backtracking is often impossible.

You are initially treated to a scene where the duo stares mortified as a white car comes hurtling down at them from the adjacent structure,which is probably a carpark. When you regain control, RUN LIKE HELL! Cars will fall down as you go, and the spilt gas will start a fire.

Unlike the bus sequence, there's some debris on the surface that prevents you from running straight, kind of like a mini-maze. Maneuver yourself while running. Slowing down is forbidden.

ITEMS: Sunglasses, Bottled Water 350ml
COSTUME: ~Naoki: Black Suit
                        ~Rina: Black OL Suit
COMPASS: ~Naoki: Home Run Forecast
                        ~Rina: Conductor

Once again you find yourselves trying to catch your breath after getting out of another dangerous pickle. Saki airs out the usual "that was close..." line. What do you say to that?

-I don't think I can go on...
-Are you hurt anywhere, Honjou-san?
-L-let's rest a bit first...
-WOW! It's as freaking exciting as an action flick!

-Too close... I don't think I can go on like this.
-Are you hurt anywhere, Honjou-san?
-I can't move anymore.
-YEAH! A perfect thrill! Best feeling ever!

I recommend asking Saki if she's hurt anywhere, but any other choice is fine. She then suggests that you take a more leisurely pace to change the mood.

In Rina's route, check the debris left of where you came from to find the Conductor Compass. At the right sidewalk, you'll find the Black OL Suit.

For Naoki, Examine the north pavement to get the Black Suit. Head east and you'll find the Home Run Forecast compass adjacent the small blue car.

Now head south. Pick up the sunglasses at the eastern sidewalk near the gap. Disaster Manual 81 (Liquefaction) is lying at the dead center of the road.

The gap seems impassable at first glance, but the extreme western end is walkable. Use it. You'll hear Saki humming in the background as you go through the road. Incidentally, if you walk alongside her, your stress will gradually drop. Don't forget to pick up the Bottled Water hidden behind a bus stop due east.

After a while, an event pops up. Saki did say she wanted to change the mood, right? Once you take notice, Saki will give you a puzzled look and go "Hm? What's up?":

-Were you singing just now?
-You're pretty good!
-You're pretty carefree, humming just like that.
-My ears hurt!
-My ears hurt! And you're becoming an eyesore too!
-Nah, it's nothing... 

-Honjou-san, were you singing just now?
-You're pretty good!
-Doing that at a time like this... your sense of urgency is lacking.
-My ears hurt!
-My ears hurt! And you're becoming an eyesore too!
-Nah, it's nothing...

If you pick choices four and five, your stress will go down, but Saki will go on the defensive. Regardless if you praise her or put her down, your next questions would go something like this:

-What's the song about?
-Do you like singing?

One, she hasn't decided on a title, two, she does too like singing. Next:

-So Honjou-san composed that song.
-Honjou-san, do you compose songs?

-You composed that song, Honjou-san?
-So Honjou-san composed that song.
-Who is that song dedicated to?
-She can compose songs... Honjou-san is so dreamy...

lol at the lovestruck last choice for Rina. Saki will then urge you to forget about it and move on. So off we go to the next area.

A Multiplay Scenario will unlock after this. You will also be asked if you want to save at this point. Do so, as you'll be in for more surprises later.

===5.9 UMINO STREET===
ITEMS: Weekly Top Gear Magazine.
COSTUME: ~Naoki: Surfer, Rescue Helmet
                        ~Rina: Flowery One Piece, Long Brown Boots
COMPASS: ~Naoki: Shaved Ice, Doughnut
                        ~Rina: Melting Soft Serve

Start by picking up Disaster Manual 08 (Utilizing Abandoned Vehicles) adjacent the car, then the Weekly Top Gear Magazine on the opposite side.

Don't worry, the chasm isn't an instantly fatal one. However, if you fall straight down, you'll lose a good chunk of HP. So use the directional keys to properly survey the area. You'll find a few ledges where you can descend safely. DO NOT RUN! You'll inadvertently jump and miss the ledge completely if you do so.

*But before you do, head east and pick up Rina's Flowery One Piece costume near the broken vending machines. Upon descending, climb over the red car and pick up the Long Brown Boots on the roof, then go past the fire truck. In front of it is the Melting Soft Serve Compass.

*On the Naoki front, the vending machine ruins due east has the Shaved Ice compass. Head west and carefully drop down the small ledge adjacent to where you picked up the Top Gear magazine. The Doughnut  compass awaits. The Rescue Helmet is in plain sight upon descending. Go south to get the Surfer wear behind the green taxi.

Once you're ready to advance, clamber up the cars near the fire truck to get up to the ladder. Once there, an event will ensue where shots can be heard from the nearby building. Saki goes on ahead, and you'll follow too.

After running up the ladder a bit, an earthquake happens. Crouch immediately. The area behind you will explode and catch fire. The blaze is spreading rapidly everywhere, even on the fire truck ladder.

I think you know by now that RUN LIKE HELL! is the order of the day here as well. The camera angle will automatically change when you're near the end of the ladder. Another quake will occur.

You have the option of jumping on the truck from there, but immediately get off if you do, since it's gonna slip down to the inferno below. The last thing you'd want to happen is to be on it when it does fall...

Even after that narrow escape, there's still one thing that needs to be adressed: The gunshots. Saki somehow deduces that the shots came from inside the building with a bench in front of it. (bullet holes on the window, perhaps? the game doesn't show anything) Now isn't that convenient?

Sit down and take the edge off, then save if you want. When you're ready, enter the building.


Upon entering the building, you and Saki instantly become witnesses to a crime. Morita has been shot, and a gun-toting young man in a suit is beside him, who upon noticing your arrival points the gun at your direction. The latter seems to be the culprit. What do you say to him?

-Who the heck are you!? ...and what are you doing there?!
-Cover Honjou-san and tell her to make a break for it.
-Y-you murderer!! Have at you!
-Hiieee! Please don't kill me!!
-Sneak out on your own.

-Who the heck are you!? ...and what are you doing there?!
-Cover Honjou-san and tell her to make a break for it.
-Y-you murderer!! Have at you!
-Kyaah! Please don't kill me!!
-Sneak out on your own.
-Confess your "feelings" to him and say "Go out with me, handsome!"

The third choice is more cowardly than the in-game text makes it appear. However, it shows you that Saki actually has a martial arts background, which multiplies her cool points tenfold. Rina's "confession" is hands down the funniest of the bunch though.

The gunman then brusquely asks you to calm down. Next comes a stupid question about how you know the now-deceased Mr. Morita, which he immediately answers himself by saying that any shmoe would have seen his face in the media at least once, given that he's one of the bigwigs of this island. The dude concludes by warning you to forget about what you saw, then saunters off. Saki quickly approaches Morita's body to check for signs of life, but obviously, he's already bitten the big one.

Disaster Manuals 09 (Public Order During Times Of Disaster) and 10 (Resuscitation Methods) are now unlocked.

Upon leaving the building, Saki implores you not to take the gunman's "advice" about forgetting Morita's murder, and that you should go on to the evacuation center and report the incident to any policeman that may be present there.

ITEMS: Houto Newspaper 2, Bottled Water 500ml, First Aid Kit, Fire Extinguisher x 2
COSTUME: ~Naoki: Polo Shirt.
                      ~Rina: Long Skirt.
COMPASS: ~Naoki: Fire Extinguisher
                      ~Rina: Chick, Chicken
DISASTER MANUALS: 11, 12, 13, 72

The sun is about to set. Saki observes the sky looking rather odd (note the heavy smoke), which seems to point to an inevitable headache coming your way (more on that later). In the meantime, pick up the Bottled Water and Houto Newspaper lying up ahead, then use the bench adjacent the building.

Once again I insist that you SAVE NOW before going ahead. I will not tolerate tears of regret for failing to do so afterwards.

Make your way through the narrow path of debris.

There's a Fire Extinguisher compass for Naoki behind one of the wrecked cars due west. DO NOT confuse it with the real thing.

 When you reach the center area. the temperature will rise, and a fireball(?) will hit a wrecked car near the passage you came through, totally blocking the path. Saki will then point out the cause of that wayward projectile: A tornado that just happens to be made out of wind and flames! It's lifting up debris and broken vehicles, turning them into burning junk that's raining all over the place!

Disaster Manual 11 (Flaming Tornado) is now unlocked.

Though rare, this freak disaster has historical significance for the people of Japan: During the Great Kanto Earthquake circa 1923, firestorms that turned into fire whirls took 38,000 lives in a matter of minutes. Similar phenomena (albeit smaller in scale) have also occurred in Brazil and other places where wild brush fires are commonplace.

Hope you learned something from that. Anyways, back to the game.

This is why I insisted that you save on that bench prior to getting here. This disaster sequence can be one of the most frustrating parts of the game unless you stay cool under fire (in every sense of the word). If you're an OC completist like me and want to get all the available items within this area, then you have your work cut out for you.

First off, make your way to the building entrance on the north-eastern side. Watch the shadows on the pavement, it means that burning debris is about to fall on that spot. The frustrating part is that the game seems to "predict" where you're going and concentrate the drops in front of you, so expect to get pummeled quite often. There are a few exceptions to that rule, so exploit the safe spots when you find them. When there's enough space to do so, mix up your running line too. It'll lessen the hits you take.

Upon arriving at the entrance, you'll find a Fire Extinguisher stuck in the rubble. You have to ram the mountain of concrete a few times to knock it loose.

Disaster Manual 72 (Fire Extinguisher Usage) is now unlocked.

Now you are given a choice: You can either make your way to the trucks on the opposite west side, or go straight ahead to the walkable path near the the chasm due south. The former is a bit risky, since you'll be navigating a narrow path where fireballs can still hit you. Put out the flame at the end of the path with the Fire Extinguisher (you have to access it from the menu when you're close enough to the fire as humanly possible), and you'll get a Chick Compass and a replacement Fire Extinguisher for your trouble. Don't bother if you're playing as Naoki, only the extra Fire Extinguisher is there and nothing else.

Incidentally, you're invincible while the Fire Extinguisher usage animation is in effect. Use that fact to your advantage.

Now head south. A fireball will drop on another wrecked car and explode, hindering your progress. Use the Fire Extinguisher so you can move on. You'll see a couple of items ahead, but hold your horses first and take refuge on the western cliff. A truck will come hurtling at the spot where the items were situated and it would have gotten ugly if you were there when that happened. Note that the fire you put out prior will re-ignite, so you can no longer go back the way you came.

Pick up the First Aid Kit, then go around the truck to retrieve Rina's Chicken Compass. Head to the alley on the northeast. By now there will be no more fireballs to worry about, but you'll have to watch out for firebursts coming from windows and holes in the building walls. One lick of those flames spells instant doom. Timing is a must. Crawling helps for the higher bursts, while you'll just have to wait it out for the rest. Be careful when crossing, the emanating smoke can and will slow you down.

When you're done with the firebursts, Go to the dead end of the alley to pick up a Long Skirt (Polo Shirt if you're Naoki), then continue south. Congratulations, you've somehow managed to dodge that flaming tornado!

Once more you and Saki find yourselves short of breath, but lucky to be alive considering the circumstances. The tornado seems to be dying down, since it's getting somewhat cooler, not to mention darker. The sun will definitely be setting soon.

-The path will get really dark since there's no power.
-It's getting kinda scary now...
-Yipes! We wouldn't be able to see where we're going!
-Really? I don't think it gets THAT dark at night...

Saki will suggest that you both seek shelter for the night, since it's pointless (not to mention dangerous) to continue. Besides, with all the dangers that you had to go through, finding a safe place to sleep sounds good right about now.

Disaster Manuals 12 (Taking Refuge In Buildings) and 13 (The Risk Of Evening Movements) are now unlocked.


Upon finding an abandoned office building to settle into, You and Saki turn on a radio (which had batteries, surprisingly enough). A report recounts the Central Island Earthquake, announcing that the intensity reached Magnitude 7. Moreover, electricity, gas and other utilities are cut off, so transportation is obviously not an option. There are two evacuation centers specified, one is the school building you heard about earlier from the car radio back in Matsutani, and the other is... still not mentioned, since they stopped listening.

Saki muses that the earthquake was stronger than she actually thought. What do you say to that?

-Don't worry, we'll definitely get rescued!
-It's over... we're never gonna be rescued.
-We should be happy that neither of us are seriously injured.
-Say nothing and put a hand Honjou-san's shoulder.

-Don't worry, we'll definitely get rescued!
-We're doomed...
-We should be happy that neither of us are seriously injured.
-Say nothing and hug Honjou-san.

Choices 1 and 3 are recommended. The rest are meh (Naoki's last choice is killer, though). After a while, you both finally decide to sit down, but on opposite couches at first.

-Would you like to sit beside me?
-Go over and sit beside her.
-Stay where you are.

The effects of how you treated Saki from the time you first met will alter her reaction in the first two choices: If you've been mean to her, she'll decline your invitation for the first choice, and move away from you on the second. But if you've been nothing but nice, Saki will accept, trusting that being closer to you is best if anything should happen.

Now comes the proverbial recap of your harrowing experiences for the day... first up, the gun-toting man who killed Morita.

-Who the heck was that gunman?
-Why did he do Morita in?
-Maybe the earthquake affected people's hearts...!
-Meh, I'm just glad that he didn't shoot us!

The death of a man that powerful would cause quite a stir, says Saki. You both start to wonder about the repercussions until she decides to change the subject, asking you why you came to Central Island:

-I'm starting college on the following week.
-Of course, to fulfill my destiny of meeting you, Honjou-san.
-I'm not going to tell you...
-I'm looking to meet a hot girl!

-I'm starting college on the following week.
-Of course, to fulfill my destiny of meeting you, Honjou-san.
-I'm not going to tell you...
-I'm on the market for a cool guy!
-I'm seeking out a nice lady who will be my Onee-sama!

These choices get funnier by the minute. The first one is best. Now enough about you, now's the time to ask Saki some personal questions:


-Where were you going?
-Do you have a boyfriend?

The boyfriend question is moot as Naoki. She'll pull your leg about being in a relationship with a plutocrat heir, then come clean and reveal that she's single.

But as Rina, she'll tell you a story about a guy she liked who shared her interests. They got to a point that they even formed a band. However, they eventually drifted apart. Another choice will be added if you're interested in knowing more:

-How did you guys break up?

They were young and stupid. Saki admits that she was the one at fault. She left the band afterwards and gave up music.The initial set will come up again after this.

For the first choice, she was leaving the island to pursue her dream. Details please.

-What was your dream?
-Don't ask since it looks like she doesn't want to talk about it.
-Don't bother asking since you're not actually interested.

She won't tell you exactly what she wants to be. The choices roll over to the two personal questions plus one (two for Naoki):


-What are your measurements?
-We should go to sleep already.

-We should go to sleep already.

Choose "We should go to sleep already" if you're done. But before you even bother sleeping...

-Would you like to sit closer beside me?
-Go over and sit closer beside her.
-Nah, it's nothing.

Again, her response to the first two choices will depend on how you treated her. By the way...

-Oh yeah, that tune you were humming this afternoon, can you sing it?
-Hum the tune to her.
-Let's go to sleep.

About the song, Saki will tell you that it's not done yet if you ask her to sing it. If you hum it yourself, she'll comment on how a few of your notes were off. Regardless, she'll insist that you both go to sleep already.

The status of your relationship with Saki will be reflected on your respective sleeping positions on the couches.

BEST: You and Saki face each other (For Naoki, he'll just be lying relaxed and won't actually look into Saki's eyes), and she'll comment on how she's glad to have run into you.
NEUTRAL: You and Saki face away from each other, and she'll only say "good night".
WORST: You and Saki face away from each other in silence/or she'll insist that you sleep already. If you're playing as Naoki, Saki will even boot you out.

Disaster Manuals 14 (Radio Use During Disasters), 15 (Obtaining Info Via Reports) and 16 (Refuge In Non-Evacuation Center Areas) are now unlocked.