[FAQ] 絶体絶命都市3 (2日目)


ITEMS: Central Information Pamphlet. Soldier Gloves.
COSTUME: ~Naoki: Black T-Shirt, Hooded Vest, Brown Boots
                        ~Rina: Black Long Boots, Pink OL Suit, Monotone, Cook's Hat.
COMPASS: ~Naoki: Gravure
                        ~Rina: Ski Jump

You and Saki start the morning bright and early, hoping to get to the evacuation center ASAP. Incidentally, all of your choices from the first day will determine whether your personality changes or not, but it would be better if you stuck with the ones I recommended prior unless you're experienced enough with this game to be able to clear it with any type.

If you've been paying attention to the dialogue translation contexts, then you can pretty much gather how to maintain/change the personality type. It's not rocket science after all.

Disaster Manual 80 (Disaster's Influence On Personality) is now unlocked.

After Saki acknowledges your new/retained personality, it's time to make tracks.

Disaster Manual 17 (Proper Movement The Day After An Earthquake Hits) is now unlocked.

Sakuramachi Street looks to be one of the more badly hit parts of Central Island. So much so that the road is split in two between the east side and the west side. You somehow need to cross over to the east side in one piece.

Make your way south through the narrow ledge. A sudden quake will occur, and Saki will start running ahead as soon as things even out. You'd best be doing the same, since the building on the side you're on will soon collapse. If you fail this part after all the funky stuff you've been through yesterday, then you're freaking hopeless. Upon successfully escaping, you'll be set upon by an aftershock.

Continue south, pick up the Black Long Boots for Rina  and approach the elevated pavement. Some text will come up. It's your character thinking about how to get up there. It's like Matsutani all over again, except this time you don't have to look around for footholds. The nearby car is good enough.

Go up to the front of the car and press Circle. Saki will eventually follow suit and help you push it towards the ledge. Now you can climb up. There's a bench ahead if you need it.

Even from that high up, it seems like there's still no way to cross the chasm. Descend carefully southwards. You can either hop on one of the adjacent ledges or jump straight to the white car.

Examine the hedge at one of the nearby western buildings for a Gravure compass. Push forward and don't forget to pick up the Soldier Gloves. They'll come in handy for those moments when you're left "hanging".

At the extreme south end, you can get the Central Information Pamphlet.

You'll eventually find what you need to cross over to the eastern end of the street: A fallen awning. Go up to it and press Circle, give it a little tip, and voila! instant makeshift bridge. However, you'll be in for another balancing act, and a more complicated one at that. Tread carefully and change the camera view as needed so you're not stuck maneuvering the analog stick at uncomfortable angles. Saki will follow suit once you've made it over safely.

Go south again. You'll get a Black T-Shirt/Pink OL Suit for your trouble. Rina's Ski Jump compass is in front of the car close to where you got the clothes. Make your way north afterwards, stopping momentarily to obtain the Hooded Vest/Monotone near the entrance of one of the eastern buildings beside a bent signboard.

Turn right once you reach the blue car. Pick up the Cook's Hat for Rina in front of the northeastern ledge, then climb up. There's a pair of Brown Boots in front of the northern structure for Naoki. Get it and press on further. After climbing up another ledge via an abandoned car, you'll move on to the next area.

Another Multiplay Quest will be unlocked.

ITEMS: Empty Flashlight, Jack, Hotel Pamphlet, Pollution Mask, Fresh Orange.
COSTUME: ~Naoki: Cook's Hat, Open-Neck Shirt, Tailcoat.
                        ~Rina: Tight Skirt, Gladiator's Helm, Leather Sneakers, Headband. 
COMPASS: ~Naoki: Heartbreak, Disco.
                      ~Rina: Heart, Yasugibushi.
DISASTER MANUALS: 18, 19, 20, 21, 22

Save for that collapsing building, this day has been pretty uneventful so far. While treading through the rubble, a girl's voice calls out for help. Even as you find her looking from a hotel window, another earthquake occurs. Next thing you know, she's no longer there.

Saki wonders if the girl is all right... 

-Oh snap! We gotta help her!
-Hmph. We definitely can't abandon her, now can we?
-L-let's just take a little peek... it's dangerous in there.
-Fine! It's OK if we go in there, right!?
-Meh, let someone else help her.

-Ohmigosh! We gotta help her!
-We definitely can't abandon her, now can we?
-L-let's just take a little peek... it's dangerous in there.
-Yeah, sure... I'm going already!
-Meh, let someone else help her.

Aw, come on... how many people get to be heroes in more than one occasion? Regardless, you'll still be checking the hotel out anyway. Like Saki, rescuing that girl is a plot point, so in we go.

Disaster Manuals 18 (Calling For Help) and 19 (Rescue Action) are now unlocked.

Upon entry, you'll find that the structure is in total ruin. Almost all parts of the upper floors have crumbled to the ground, with a heaping pile of rubble making the floor all but level. Saki wonders where the girl is at...

There's no real time limit, so let's sift through the rubble first for some useable stuff. Due south is an Open-Neck Shirt for Naoki/Tight Skirt for Rina. Lying west near some large debris is the Hotel Pamphlet. From there, an Empty Flashlight is but a stone's throw away to the north-east. You'll find another Jack due north. When you're done scavenging, press Square to yell. You'll find the girl up on a ledge. Unfortunately, there's no direct way to get to her from that height. That means you have to figure something else out.

Disaster Manual 20 (Rescuing People Trapped In High Places) is now unlocked.

Make your way to the northwest stairwell entrance (the half-buried doorway with the green pictogram light) Crawl through, then climb up the stairs. Get the Tailcoat Suit at the second floor hallway on your way up. There's nothing special on the third floor unless you're playing as Rina (a Gladiator Helmet), so keep going. A bench awaits you on the fourth floor in case you need it.

At first, you might think that there's no real pathway on the 4th floor, but you can actually shimmy through a thin stretch of flooring along the wall up to the opposite end. Once there, go south, pick up the Heartbreak/Heart Compass on the bed. Jump across to the next ledge, get the Pollution Mask, then go around the wall to the wrecked room. The Disco Compass (or Leather Sneakers if you're Rina) and Fresh Orange  items are just lying on the floor, and they're very hard to miss.

From there, hop to the western ledge and enter the fire escape. Go down a floor, then wall-shimmy once more to the west upon emerging from the fire escape door (stopping only to pick up Rina's Yasugibushi Compass). Scale the bed and dresser to a higher floor, Go north, take another leap, then drop down carefully to the ledge with a ladder on it. Don't forget to pick up the Cook's Hat for Naoki/Headband for Rina before examining the ladder, which definitely looks useful.

-Maybe I should lift the ladder...
-Maybe I should push the ladder to the floor below...
-Let me sit on it for a sec...
-Let me dance on it for a sec...

Lifting it by yourself is impossible. Sitting on it is just for fun (feels cold, but somehow comfy). Dancing on it will make you look like an idiot. Your stress will decrease, but Saki will catch you in the act and urge you to hurry it up. When you're done playing around, push it down already.

As you're preparing to let the ladder drop, you wonder if you should call out to Saki. DO SO BY YELLING. If you push the ladder without warning, she'll go postal about you almost hitting her. Now that the ladder's down, you need to follow suit. But how? You can't go back the way you came, and jumping from there will hurt really bad...

No idea? Fine, I'll tell you how. See that eastern door? You can unlock it, and you'll find yourself near the third floor stairwell. Proceed to the second floor. You can jump down safely from the hallway where you picked up the Tailcoat Suit earlier. If you're too chicken to do it, then feel free to go all the way down and crawl through the half-buried passage again.

Examine the ladder, and Saki will help you bring it to where the girl is. Once the ladder is all set, Saki calls out to the girl to climb down. Unfortunately, she can't move because her legs are stuck. Saki asks you to do something...

-All right, I'll go up there to save her!
-Guess it can't be helped...
-Me? Climb up there? Okay, but please hold on to the ladder first!!
-I don't feel like helping anymore.

-I'll go ahead and help her!
-Honjou-san, I leave it to you!
-The truth is, I'm afraid of heights...
-I don't feel like helping anymore.

Pick the last choice, and you officially suck. Saki would feel the same way, and the prior set will just come up again. If you're playing as Naoki, you'll be going up there no matter what. Dude's gotta do his hero thing. As Rina, volunteering to go ahead will warrant the opposite effect. Get Saki to go up first, then she will immediately call on you to follow afterwards.

The girl's legs are pinned down by a heavy stone slab. Remember the Jack you picked up earlier? Use it. It's pretty much the same as how you got Saki out yesterday.

For Rina's part, Saki will ask the girl if she's all right, and will tell the group to hurry because this ledge looks like it's about to collapse. Despite severe exhaustion, the girl seems uninjured and able to move all right, so everybody descends properly somehow. As Naoki,  you should carry her on your shoulders as you go. How do you ask her?

-I can carry you, so let's go down.
-You're hopeless... let me carry you down.
-Sorry to keep you waiting! Now, c'mere and lemme carry you!

The last one makes you look (and sound) like a creepy pervert, FYI. Not a good first impression for your second successful rescue.

Disaster Manual 21 (Practical Use Of Ladders) is now unlocked.

Now make your descent. The girl is a little worse for wear, but very grateful for your efforts. She introduces herself after Saki askes for her name: Ayami Hazuki. In response, Saki does the honors for her own introduction and yours. Of course, you have to say something too...

-Smile and say "Nice to meet you!"
-Laugh a bit and suavely adjust your hair.
-Say nothing and just nod.
-Hi there, I'm Honjou-san's boyfriend!

-Smile and say "Nice to meet you!"
-Giggle and do a cutesy pose.
-Say nothing and just nod.
-Hi there, I'm Honjou-san's girlfriend!
-Look at her longingly and say "What a cute girl..."

Choice 2 is a creep/weirdo alert flag. The fourth one will have Saki vehemently denying your little fib. (She's so cute. ^_^) Rina's last choice is a key component to activating a GL flag for Ayami, so go ahead and pick it if you're gunning for the said variant of her ending.

Anyway, Saki will ask Ayami if she wants to tag along for the Evacuation Center trip. Ayami enthusiastically accepts, but suddenly flinches. It turns out that she has a very bad wound on her arm. Saki applies some improvised first aid and advises Ayami to bear with the pain a bit, but feels that it would be better if she could get a hold of some antiseptic ASAP.

Disaster Manual 20 (The Necessity Of Antiseptics) is now unlocked.

A Multiplay Quest will be unlocked. It's also time for the group to leave.

COSTUME: ~Naoki: Hard Leather, Brown Basshe
                        ~Rina: Ten-Gallon Hat, Silver Shirt, White Shirt
COMPASS: ~Naoki: Rainbow Carp
                        ~Rina: Stump

After being stuck in that dark, broken-down hotel, it's nice to see daylight again. Head east. When you get past the building, an event pops up. Saki sees a stairwell that serves as one of the entrances to Central Island's underground Lagoon Mall and remembers that there was a pharmacy within, so it might be possible to obtain antiseptic, and perhaps even some bandages. To that end, she offers to go there herself and asks you to watch Ayami. What do you say?

-All right, I'm going down there myself.
-I should go with you, Honjou-san.
-Okay, leave Hazuki-san to me!
-Never mind that, let's just go to the evacuation center already.

-No, I'll go instead!
-I should go with you, Honjou-san.
-Okay, leave Hazuki-san to me!
-Never mind that, let's just go to the evacuation center already.

This split is very important. If you want to get Ayami's ending, you should stay with her. But to score more brownie points with Saki, tagging along with her is better. Ayami needlessly apologizes for being a nuisance either way. If you pick the first choice, Saki will still go with you. So don't bother with that one.

Disaster Manual 37 (The Dangers Of Underground Locations) is now unlocked.

If you choose to stay with Ayami, both of you will be standing in front of the Lagoon Mall entrance. She lets out a sigh, and seems totally crestfallen. What do you do?

-How's your wound?
-If something's troubling you, feel free to talk about it with me.
-Make her laugh by putting on a funny face.
-Do you have a boyfriend?
-Let's run away now!
-Just keep silent.

The first three choices help Ayami feel more at ease, and your stress will go down as an added bonus. The latter three are moot.

A strong earthquake suddenly occurs, catching you and Ayami off-guard.

-Cry "Look out!!" and catch Hazuki-san.
-Call out to Honjou-san
-Cower in fear and cry for help.

-Cry "Look out!!" and catch Hazuki-san.
-Call out to Honjou-san
-Cower in fear and cry for help.
-Cling to Hazuki-san and cry for help.

First choice adds to the Ayami flag. The latter ones do nothing. After hearing a loud crash, Ayami can't help but worry about Saki, who's still underground looking for the pharmacy. Obviously, you have to go in after her, and Ayami will be tagging along.

Regardless if you chose to go with Saki or stay with Ayami, you can hunt for stuff first before proceeding. East of the Lagoon Mall entrance is a bench if you need to save and recover.

Rina's Ten-Gallon Hat is located near the red car on the intersection road. Make your way to the far east. Rina's Stump Compass is adjacent the broken vending machines and at the dead end you'll find a Hard Leather/Silver Shirt costume.

From there, Naoki's Rainbow Carp Compass is due south beyond the construction fences. Around the same place near the coffee shop are a pair of Brown Basshe shoes. As Rina, you'll find her White Shirt costume there instead.

Alright, that's about it. Now off to the mall we go.

===5.16 LAGOON MALL===
ITEMS: Dry Battery, Monthly Chase Magazine, Filter.
COSTUME: ~Naoki: Ten-Gallon Hat, Knight's Helm, Jacket.
                        ~Rina: Casket Hat, Veil, Denim Skirt.
COMPASS: ~Naoki: Hermit Crab.
                        ~Rina: Catfish.

Sans power and stable structural integrity, Lagoon Mall looks to be a very dangerous place, but for Ayami's sake, you have no choice but to tough it out. Up ahead, you'll have to tread a narrow girder to clear the gap.

At the end of the path near the northwestern wall, you'll find a Dry Battery. Combine this with the Empty Flashlight you found at the hotel earlier, and you'll be able to clear up some space in your inventory and unlock Disaster Manual 74 (Flashlights). Feel free to equip the now-functional flashlight for ambiance purposes, though it really isn't that dark in here for it to warrant practical use.

Naoki's Ten-Gallon hat/Rina's Casket hat is at the eastern dead end. Pick it up and press on westward.

The next gap can be crossed by jumping. Clamber up the elevated path and continue further. You'll experience a few aftershocks along the way, and I think you know what to do by now when that happens.

You'll encounter two branches on opposite sides. The south side has a bench, a Monthly Chase magazine, and Naoki's Hermit Crab Compass. The north one has a ladder (and Rina's Catfish Compass), but you won't need it just yet. Keep going westwards. A seemingly impassable gap emerges. You have to get close to it so your character's thought bubbles regarding a way to get across will come up. Only then will you be able to use the ladder as a makeshift bridge. Again, a balancing act warning is in order.

The westward path ends with another chasm, but this isn't where you need to go. Even so, pick up the Filter lying there, and combine it with the Pollution Mask to create the Pollution Mask Plus. A Knight's Helm/Veil is up for grabs as well.

Backtrack a little. There's a path due south that you can cross by wall-shimmying. Clamber up the ledges, and don't forget the Jacket/Denim Skirt costume.

Turn right, push the trash bin you find there so you can use it as a foothold for the elevated ledge dead ahead. Turn right again and proceed to the pharmacy's employee entrance.

A mini-event comes up, and it varies a little depending on your earlier choice:

*If you went with Saki, Ayami will follow, since she feels guilty about having you two run this risky errand for her.
*If you stayed with Ayami, The two of you will catch up with Saki at the entrance.

Hail hail, the gang's all here. Now let's pick up some drugs... er, medicine.

ITEMS: Bandages, Antiseptic, Sports Drink.
COSTUME: ~Naoki: Purple Shirt, White Leather Shoes, Checkered Shirt.
                        ~Rina: Top Hat, Yellow OL Suit, Pink Netted Tights, Braided Wig.
COMPASS: ~Naoki: Fountain Pen.
                        ~Rina: Erikage.
DISASTER MANUALS: 38, 39, 54, 75.

The interior of the pharmacy is banged up as expected, but it's bright because of the emergency lamp and there seems to be a healthy supply of merchandise left. A bench can be found here too for some reason.

Bandages are located on a high shelf due east. Picking it up will also unlock Disaster Manual 75 (Bandages). The Antiseptic is behind the counter near the second cash register. The latter's placement is a bit troublesome, because if you don't position yourself correctly, you'll keep getting the fun little thought bubble from your character asserting that stealing from the register is wrong even at a time like this instead of picking up the Antiseptic.

It's wrong to pinch cash alright, but it's perfectly fine to get free items. There are quite a few of them here, too.

You can obtain a Sports Drink on the counter, unlocking Disaster Manual 54 (Sugar Intake) in the process. One of the shelves a little to the west has a Purple shirt (Top Hat for Rina). The shelf next to where you found the bandages has Rina's Yellow OL Suit.

Now enter the staff room area. There's a Fountain Pen Compass in plain sight. You'll also find some White Leather Shoes/an Erikage Compass near a pile of boxes and a Checkered Shirt/Pink Netted Tights on a table adjacent the lockers. If you're playing as Rina, enter the restroom and pick up the Braided Wig.

When you're done with your unwarranted shoplifting session, go up to Saki and give her the Bandages and the Antiseptic. Go to the menu screen, highlight the item and pick the second choice for each.

With both items gained, Saki will feel relieved, since she now has the means to disinfect and patch up Ayami's wound. Before leaving, she puts some money on the counter, essentially paying for the items even when there's no pharmacy staffer around to receive it.

I think we all can learn something from Saki's honorable gesture...

Disaster Manual 38 (Dealing With Unmanned Shops) is now unlocked.

Upon exiting the pharmacy, An earthquake occurs yet again. Thankfully, the structure doesn't cave in, but it's still not particularly safe to be dawdling here, especially when gas is starting to leak because of the ruptured pipes. Return to the surface now!

Disaster Manual 39 (Gas Leak Risks) is now unlocked.

The music may make you feel inclined to rush, but you don't actually have to. Equip the Pollution Mask Plus. Don't worry, the gas won't kill you. It'll only slow you down and make your stress increase faster. With the mask on, the stress growth from the gas will slacken considerably. Make your way back to the entrance while keeping away from the gas leaks and doing the usual aftershock countermeasures. You can still use the bench on the southern path.

You and Saki barely make it out in time before a gas explosion occurs. You momentarily black out after hitting the pavement, awakened a little later by a conversation between Ayami and the gun-toting man you ran into yesterday at the Morita Building. They were talking about how "That Person" has changed.

After the gunman recognizes you and grills Ayami on her choice of companions, it's your turn to interrogate this creep. The questions come up one by one and will stack, allowing you to repeat if you missed the details of a prior response.

-Who the heck are you?

Without warning, the usually rude gunman finds his manners and introduces himself as Hikawa. Detective Hikawa. Saki couldn't believe it, but Ayami vouches for him.

-How do you know Hazuki-san?

Our families go way back, says Hikawa. Ayami supports this by claiming that he's an old acquaintance of her dear departed mother. He's obviously leaving something out with that ambiguous answer...

-Were you the one who killed Morita?

Ayami wonders what that question was about, and Saki fills her in on the details. Let's face facts: Hikawa was there when Morita was killed, but nobody saw him actually doing it. Hikawa answers the question by saying that he heard the gunshots, but didn't see who the killer was either. This alibi is kinda shaky, since he seems to be the only one in Central Island who has a gun.

-Who was "That Person" you were talking about earlier?

Hikawa's (smug) answer: "Ah, just an old acquaintance of ours... right, Ayami?" Still being vague, I see. For her part, Ayami concurs in her usual soft-spoken way. Seems like Hikawa has control over her for some reason.

Pick the last choice that appears (Stop asking questions). Hikawa says that he has some more investigating to do, advising Ayami to rush to the evacuation center and avoid coming in contact with "suspicious characters"...  off-hand, Saki sarcastically muses "I wonder who's the most suspicious one here...?" after Hikawa takes his leave.

Saki finally remembers where she heard the Hazuki name before, making the connection with the developer of Central Island. When asked if they're related, Ayami doesn't give a straight answer. Saki lets it slide for now. There are far more important things to do than playing detective at the moment...

After Saki finally finishes dressing Ayami's wound, the latter also decides to leave out of the blue, wanting to follow Hikawa. Saki starts to worry, but it's not like she has a say in the matter. To that end, Saki asks you to give Ayami some supplies, since she will be roughing it out there all alone:

-Sure, go ahead and take it.
-Huh? Guess I don't really have a choice...
-It's fine by me if Honjou-san says so.
-Dammit! Take it all, you frigging thief!

-Fine. But I want you to give me something in return...
-Say, "No way! The food is all mine!" and consume everything in one sitting.
-Say, "No way! The food is all mine!" and just keep everything.

-Sure, I don't mind.
-Huh? Guess I don't really have a choice...
-It's fine by me if Honjou-san says so.
-Take it all, you thieving hussy!
-Fine. But I want you to give me something in return...
-Say, "No way! The food is all mine!" and consume everything in one sitting.
-Say, "No way! The food is all mine!" and just keep everything.

-If it's for Hazuki-san's sake, then I'm happy to do so!
-I would give my all to Hazuki-san...

Rina has the most extensive (not to mention dramatic) choice set for this one compared to Naoki. This also happens to be yet another important multiple flag factor, so pay attention:

*The first choice is mainly extra points for both Saki and Ayami, since the former will admire your maturity.

*The second, fourth, fifth, sixth and seventh ones have negative effects. lol at the thieving hussy bit, (seems like a fitting equivalent to the J-Drama/Hirumero context of "dorobo neko") Rina's obviously been watching one too many daytime soaps. If you go gluttonous and gobble up the food, your stress will drop, but lose points for both girls. Keeping everything is moot, by the way.

*Third one is iffy, it might add some points for Saki but not as much as the first.

*Rina's last two afford better points for Ayami, and the "give my all" gag is the second one for the GL Flag.

If you use any of the positive choices (or even the "I'd like something in return" bit) Ayami will give you her pendant, which is absolutely needed for her ending. However, all of your non-First Aid Kit consumables (food and drinks) will be taken away. Don't fret, you'll eventually find some more. There's no particularly pressing need for them in the next few areas anyway.

Incidentally, if your disaster-dodging performance hasn't been so hot and you used up all your edible supplies on the prior scenes, then you'll get no plus points from the girls. Forget about obtaining Ayami's pendant, too. To keep this from happening, try to save at least one food or drink item in your inventory if possible. It would still be sufficient.

As soon as Ayami leaves, Saki kicks things off with another fun fact she suddenly remembered, mentioning that the Hazuki Development Corporation has been in the news a lot lately. An employee caught embezzling funds was reported to have committed suicide, but the details are totally sketchy, and people suspect foul play. Once again, Saki wonders if Ayami is related to the Hazuki Corporation head...

...seriously Saki, put it on the backburner for now. In case you've forgotten, we're still in a danger zone! Save on the bench if you need to, then head out due south following the road ahead until you get to the next area.

===5.19 TOUDAI STREET===
ITEMS: Monthly Novel 1, Employee Entrance Key (After triggering event in Aoi Residential Area).
COSTUME: ~Naoki: Rescuer Boots, White Suit, Headset.
                        ~Rina: Hairband, Nylon Blazer, Construction Helmet.
COMPASS: ~Naoki: Paper Airplane.
                        ~Rina: Fleming's Magnet.

Quiet strolls in Central Island have been anything but boring since the earthquake first hit yesterday. Just when you think you've reached an area where things won't act up for a while, another quake happens. Saki urges you to run, as she observes that a significant part of the road would soon rise up. 

Though the pavement hasn't risen that much, the fact remains that you can't go back to the Hotel High Urban area anymore.

Disaster Manual 24 (Road Fissures) is now unlocked.

Get the Rescue Boots/Hairband in front of the video store east of the starting point. Naoki's White Suit is lying in plain sight near a parked car, while Rina's Nylon Blazer is almost on the same place, but further ahead. The coffee shop to the west has the Paper Airplane/Fleming's Magnet Compass lying near a fallen sign. Head east at the side of the Magoya Supermarket and pick up the Monthly Novel 1 a few clicks from the bench.  From there, go to the side of the white car to find the Headset.

As Rina, cross the street and walk up to the dead end of the eastern road to get the Construction Helmet. It serves as one of the raw materials for a makeshift light helmet, but you can also equip it as is.

Take note of the Magoya Supermarket location, as you'll be coming back here a little later.

Return to the southern route.We'll be moving on out from here.

COSTUME: ~Naoki: ZZT Shirt, White Hat.
                        ~Rina: Shoulder Knit, Yellow T-Shirt, Policewoman's Hat.
COMPASS: ~Naoki: Carp Banner.
                        ~Rina: Bicycle.

From here, West Third Junior High is but a few blocks away. Saki stops you for a bit because she felt like she heard some voices. Thankfully, the aforementioned voices weren't in her head.

Head southwest to where Saki ran off to. You'll find her crouched near some fallen chain-link fences. Climb up the ledge, and you'll find a mother and her daughter trapped below. Saki tries to pull on the fence, but that won't work, obviously.

The mother asks if you two are part of the Neighborhood Watch. Wish we were, ma'am... but no.

The reason for the query is because someone from the Neighborhood Watch found them hours ago, but left to call for backup and hasn't been back since. The mother worries that her child might not last long under these conditions...

...then you hear a growling sound. The little girl tells her mother that she is hungry. What do you do?

-Kindly say "I'll find some food for you!"
-Scold her and say "Suck it up, you selfish brat!"
-Look away and pretend you didn't hear her.

For those bereft of common sense, the first choice is highly recommended. The latter two take away from Saki's flag points.

Saki will then ask you to get the food by yourself while she stays behind to try and figure out a way to possibly pry open the fence and free the mother and child. 

Disaster Manuals 27 (In Situations Where One Is Trapped) and 76 (Evacuating With A Child) are now unlocked.

It would have been easy if you managed to sneak at least one bit of food from the time Ayami left your group, but what's done is done. You have to go hunt for some now. But first, hold your horses and talk to the mother again. She'll tell you that there's a supermarket close by, and knows that a staffer leaves a spare key to the employee entrance beneath a potted plant. There might still be some food inside.

Make sure to do that before running to the supermarket, otherwise the key will never, ever show up! I've heard lots of people who've played this game spent weeks aimlessly searching for the key not knowing that the mother's line was the trigger for it. Also, if you save after talking to the mother then quit the game, the trigger will reset. So when you load the game data, you have to talk to her again.

With everything in place, all that's left now is the obligatory item hunt. You can find a ZZT Shirt/Shoulder Knit north of where you found the mother and child near some bushes.

Rina's Yellow T-Shirt is behind the parked trailer truck a bit to the south. Due east, a Policewoman's Hat is lying around near a pitfall. Go aound to the hole's west side to find the Bicycle Compass.

On the southern end of the same chasm behind a teetering white car, you'll get Naoki's White Hat. If you pair this up with the White Suit you picked up from Toudai Street, you can have him cosplay as Michael Jackson in his "Smooth Criminal" gangster duds. (So there's no tie and the shirt color is different, big whoop... prepare that get-up for a certain scene and dialogue choice in Day 3, and you'll see why I brought it up) Further south opposite the parked light blue car is his Carp Banner Compass.

With nothing else to be found, it's time to do some "grocery shopping" at Magoya.

ITEMS: Duct Tape, Pollen Guard Mask, Aoi Town Newspaper, Backpack.
COSTUME: ~Naoki:  Night Cap, Slip-On.
                        ~Rina: Casual Wear, Choker, Glasses.
COMPASS: ~Naoki: Canned Mackerel, Nabe Ramen Magnet.
                        ~Rina: Shopping Basket, Pasta.
ITEMS: Classy Sunglasses, Employee Lounge Key.
COSTUME: ~Naoki: Western Boots, 3-Quarter Sleeve Shirt, China Hat.
                        ~Rina: Journalist's Outfit, Earrings, Red OL Suit, Navy Blue OL Suit.
COMPASS: ~Naoki: Top.
                        ~Rina: Toothpaste.
ITEMS: CalorieMate Box.
COSTUME: ~Naoki: Purple Suit.
                        ~Rina: Gray OL Suit. 

Back at Toudai, examine the potted plant near the Magoya Employee Entrance. The Employee Entrance Key will appear assuming you talked to the mother earlier. Pick it up.

SAVE FIRST BEFORE ENTERING! There are some UMDs of ZZT3 (don't know if this applies to the Best/Asian versions) that make the game freeze up while inside Magoya Supermarket. This doesn't happen all the time, but better safe than sorry.

Examine the entrance doors first, then use the key via the inventory screen. 

Disaster Manuals 25 (Locks) and 26 (When Unable To Leave From Main Passages) are now unlocked.

The inner corridor is dark as expected, but it's no different from how things were back in Lagoon Mall. First off, enter the room west of the entrance. Examine the desks for a Pollen Guard Mask (Naoki only), Aoi Town Newspaper, and Duct Tape.

Disaster Manual 50 (Practical Use Of Duct Tape) is now unlocked.

By the way, Duct Tape serves as raw material for the Light Helmet, so you'll be able to create it now as Rina. For Naoki's part, he can't do it just yet. Moving on...

The Employee Lounge is locked and there's nothing else to be found (Rina's Casual Shirt is in front of the Lounge Door though), so make your way north to the main supermarket part. Seems like there was a bit of panic buying here, probably after the quake first occurred. Almost all the shelves are bare and the next few aftershocks made things topple over.

Speaking of aftershocks, there will be quite a few while you're here. Stay alert.

There's a a hidden section due south from where you entered the supermarket area. As Naoki, that's where his Slip-On shoes will be. Don't bother as Rina, you won't find anything there.

A Canned Mackerel Compass is in plain sight near a fallen shelf. Pass through an aisle, and you'll find a Backpack on one of the shelves. With this, your item capacity will increase a bit. (and if you were being finicky about bag types yesterday, I'm sure you'll agree that this one looks cooler/more expensive) The Nabe Ramen Magnet Compass is on an opposite aisle, second shelf from the top. Before climbing the stairs, Pick up the Night Cap/Glasses on a shelf a little to the right.

If you're playing as Rina, go past the cash registers due west. You can find the Shopping Basket Compass near the real ones. Go up the slight ledge a little to the north to pick up a Choker. The Pasta Compass and Pollen Guard Mask are on some prominent store shelves and impossible to miss.

Upon hitting the second floor, Go west. There's a Top Compass on the floor. Eastern shelf has some Western Boots/Journalist's Outfit, and you'll find a China Hat on one of the mannequins south-east of the corridor. Be sure not to miss the Classy Sunglasses on the shelf near the second mannequin, as well as Rina's Earrings.

Continue west, picking up the  3-Quarter Sleeve Shirt/Red OL Suit and Navy Blue OL Suit along the way. After getting Rina's Toothpaste Compass, You'll find the corpse of an employee at the end due south, with the sight giving you some (bonus) stress. Though it's in poor taste, you have no choice but to search the body to obtain the Employee Lounge Key.

With that, go back the way you came and do the same motions as with the Employee Entrance (Examine door, then use key from inventory) to open the lounge. Inside, there's a Purple Suit/Gray OL Suit and some food in the form of CalorieMate Biscuits. (yay, shameless product placement!)

Disaster Manual 28 (The Next Generation Emergency Ration) is now unlocked.

This isn't so much a manual as it is an advertisement. Oh well, that's corporate sponsorship for you. With food in hand, exit the supermarket and make your way back to the residential area.

Hope that little girl's still okay... Go up the the fence, open your inventory and select "Give" (second choice) after highlighting the CalorieMate item. The hungry girl will eat it all up (Yo, how about leaving some for mommy?), and the heartwarming scene will lower your stress a bit.

Soon enough, a rescue chopper will arrive. It's that Neighborhood Watch guy the mother was talking about!  With (air) power saw in hand, he tears through the fence just like that and gets them out safely.

It turns out the two were the wife and child of the the NW member. He extends his heartfelt gratitude for your help and offers you and Saki a ride on the chopper. However, his companion butts in, saying that the chopper only has room for one more person.

-Have Honjou-san ride the chopper.
-Leave Honjou-san behind and ride the chopper yourself.

If the prior events in this game have taught us anything, it's that looking out for #1 ALWAYS leads to bad results. Nevertheless, if you volunteer yourself, the NW man will ask you if you're sure...

-Yes I'm sure! Please let me ride the chopper!
-Let me think it over a bit...

The second choice will bring up the initial two again. If you insist on leaving Saki behind, she'll feel that it's for the best, and thanks you for everything you've done so far. She also hopes to run into you again someday.

The scene fades out with Saki looking up as the chopper flies away with you in it. What will become of her? Sadly, you will never find out...

Credits will roll with the instrumental version of the song. This is one of the 4 bad endings, but it will not count in your in-game checklist unless you're playing the updated PSN version. So don't bother committing to the Clear Save unless you want a total do-over for all the wrong choices you made.

If you offer Saki the ride, she'll decline, saying that she can't leave you alone out here. The chopper soon flies away with neither of you in it. Seems like a waste, but you have no choice but to press on forward now. Besides, you'll have your legitimate chance to get off this island later on.

As I mentioned earlier, the evacuation center is nigh... so let's go there already!

Disaster Manuals 29 (Neighborhood Watch Disaster Mobilization) and 30 (Evacuating Via Helicopter) are now unlocked.

A Multiplay Scenario will unlock. You can also save if you want.

COSTUME: ~Naoki: Red Suit, White T-shirt, Red Baseball Hat, Danish's Clothes.
                        ~Rina: Blue Shirt, White OL Suit, Flight Attendant Hat, Gauntlets.
COMPASS: ~Naoki: Sunset.
                        ~Rina: Japanese Doll.

We've finally arrived at the evacuation center!! However, the pavement is anything but level, so it'll take a bit of doing to reach the entrance. There are also a handful of items scattered about, so let's get to them first.

Examine the bushes to the south at the very start, and you'll receive the Sunset Compass. Drop down to the lower level. A Red Suit is lying a little to the south. Further east, you can pick up the White Shirt/Gauntlets.

There's a slight incline up north near the campus wall where you can climb up. (For Rina's part, the said incline is where her Japanese Doll Compass is located) Backtrack west to get the Red Baseball Hat/Blue Shirt.

You'll find another costume even further east near the school entrance. It's Danish's Clothes, a Naoki exclusive. After all the drab shirts and suits, we finally get something along the lines of an RPG hero costume! (incidentally, this is from an actual Irem game titled "Narisokonai Eiyuutan") Considering the setting though, it would look rather freaky on him. Rina doesn't get her own tie-in equivalent just yet though. It'll just be a White OL Suit.

In a shallow gap across the street southeast of  the gate, a Flight Attendant Hat is waiting for Rina. It's easy to miss because of the placement, so look around the spot carefully.

Anyway, that's about it. There's nothing else between you and the evacuation center now, so feel free to go through.

 ITEMS: Bottled Water 350ml & 500ml, Salmon Onigiri, Fresh Orange, Chocolate Bar,
Fruit Juice, First Aid Kit, Sports Drink, Monthly Shushu Magazine, Jam Bread
COSTUME: ~Naoki: Raincoat, Blue Baseball Hat, Black Leather Shoes, Brown Leather 
                       ~Rina: Driver Gloves, Nightcap, White Sandals, Long Shoes, Blue OL 
COMPASS: ~Naoki: Fossil, Swimmer.
                       ~Rina: Jump Box.
DISASTER MANUALS: 31, 32, 33, 34, 35, 36, 56, 79.

Saki is held aghast by the miserable sight that awaits her upon entering, but then a nurse suddenly calls out her name. It's one of her co-workers from the local hospital.

The latter is relieved that Saki is all right and still on the island, but there's little time for pleasantries because the other medical staff in here are totally swamped with all the wounded evacuees. Saki will serve as an extra set of useful hands on deck. So off she scoots to the treatment area, leaving you alone for now.

A woman's voice calls out to you. It's Ryoko Honda, reporter for the Houto Newspaper. People who played ZZT2 would know who she is. (BTW, I don't give a fig about her name in the miserable localization travesty that was "Raw Danger", so don't bother telling me) Ryoko asks you where you came from and if you can give her the details of what's been happening around so far...

...after hearing your story, Ryoko takes special notice to the Flaming Tornado part. Grateful for the info, she offers to answer anything may want to know regarding the earthquake. As with the earlier Hikawa Q&A, this part will have stacking questions.

-What's the situation regarding the earthquake damage?

According to Ryoko, Central Island was hit so hard that parts of the coastline area around the Western Ward have started to sink. All bridges and undersea tunnels were destroyed, so evacuees have no choice but to wait for the rescue choppers/boats.

-How are the rescue efforts going?

So-so, says Ryoko. A rescue chopper came around here yesterday, but so far it hasn't returned. At this hour, it might not be coming today... good ol' government red tape, I'll be bound.

-What's the situation on the evacuation center?

Things aren't going too well for everyone here. Ryoko tells you that with the hefty number of injured people about, the understaffed doctors and nurses have their hands full. Food and water are slowly running low, and sanitation is becoming quite a major concern as well. There's no way of knowing when the next rescue chopper will arrive, or if it will even come at all.

From here, you'll get an extra fun question that differs between the two characters. There's no harm in picking them, since Saki isn't looking and Ryoko doesn't have a hand in any of the endings. The last choice "Stop asking questions" will also be present if you don't want to go through with it.

-Can I get the goods on your private life, Honda-san?

Nice try whippersnapper, but Ryoko says no. Maybe when you're a little older...

-Honda-san, how can I become an accomplished woman like you?

As Rina, flattery will get you somewhere. Ryoko's tip: Just be willful and try to stay on top of any situation, no matter how grave or hopeless it may be.

When you stop asking questions, Ryoko will also tell you that her original purpose for coming here was to get the facts behind a few controversies that emerged during the development of Central Island. Of course, that would have to be put aside for now since she has to...  well, stay alive.

By the way, you might just happen to know a certain detail that will definitely peak her interest...

-Tell her about Morita's death.
-Keep your mouth shut.

Nothing particularly significant, but if you're obsessed about getting all of the readable items, then you'd better tell her about Morita's death.

With that, Ryoko saunters off, and you'll be free to move around again.

Disaster Manuals 31 (When Something Happens At The Evacuation Center), 32 (About The Triage), 33 (Laws On Volunteer Action),  34 (Provisional Toilets) and 79 (Information During Times Of Disaster) are now unlocked.

This place has the most items out of any area in the game. Though it's practically "stealing" from the other evacuees, they won't hold it against you even if you help yourself to their food, drinks and other stuff. Again, Saki isn't looking, so it's all up to you and your own moral compass. (or lack thereof)

All of them are in plain sight, so I'm going to be lazy for now and let you do the job yourself. Use the checklist below the section title to confirm if you've gotten everything. There's a bench here too, in case you missed it.

When you're ready, head to the northeast part close to the school building where there are people lying down. That's where Saki is. You'll overhear a conversation between her and the other nurse, with the latter apologizing for making her work despite just getting here and possibly being tired.

After telling her to take a break, the nurse asks Saki if she's heard anything about the hospital director, since he never evacuated after the quake first hit. Hopefully the director is safe somehow despite the circumstances. With that, Saki walks off to another tent.

Follow her to that tent and the first FMV song number will start. Incidentally,  you have the option to change the song audio to English in the System menu beforehand. Bear in mind though that it's NOT a direct translation. The funny part about this scene is while Saki only has an acoustic guitar on hand, a whole slew of other instruments can be heard. Nobody else is playing, so... how did that happen!?

It's a great performance nonetheless, so who cares about those phantom instruments? After Saki's show, an outraged man can be heard from far away. Don't worry, he wasn't complaining about the song.

Disaster Manuals 35 (The Importance Of Amusement Even In Times Of Crisis) and 56 (Disaster Victims And Songs) are now unlocked.

While you were going around pilfering provisions, you will inevitably have seen a tent in the northwestern part where a group of people were gathered in front of an old man. Go there. That's where the commotion was happening.

Upon approaching, you'll see what's going on: The old man is passionately begging the people to start packing up and relocate to the Eastern Ward because there's a very real and immediate possibility that the whole Western Ward will sink. The people get angry at him because they think leaving this evacuation center might lessen their chances of getting rescued, and since majority of the evacuees are injured, moving around will be particularly difficult. Time for you to butt in:

-Why is it that you know all about that?
-Who the heck are you anyway?
-I won't be fooled by your lies!
-No way! We gotta get out of here then!!
-Keep quiet and observe the situation further.

Knock yourself out on this one. It's more a personality-type choice set than anything else.

Though he feels that people may not believe him, the old man introduces himself as Ishizawa, a geologist who was involved in Central Island's development. The crowd calms down somewhat and one of them remembers hearing about him on the news as the one who was rambling on and on about the island's structural defects. Another person in the crowd confirms Ishizawa's identity, but dismisses his findings as pure BS.

As if on cue, another earthquake happens, and the evacuees stare in horror as a couple of nearby buildings collapse and sink into the water. For your part, this will add a bit of stress.

Ishizawa has officially earned the right to say "I told you so!", but passes it up. Instead, he takes the moral high ground and reiterates his plea to the people to start hightailing it out of here, saying that while the Western Ward is done for, the Eastern Ward will remain stable for longer. After what happened just now, I'm sure no one will bother rebutting him any more.

Within minutes, all the evacuees have started on their uneasy exodus to the Eastern Ward. Ishizawa leaves, and you'd best be doing the same. But before you do, a hostile voice calls out to you. It's Hikawa! He notices that Ayami's not with you and asks why. Saki tells Hikawa that Ayami was trying to follow him, and from the looks of it, they never even ran into each other at least once.

After grumbling about Ayami being a meddlesome little brat, Hikawa asks you if you've seen a person by the name of Ishizawa. Well, Mr. Ace Detective, you just missed him... for some reason though, Saki feels compelled to tell him that Ishizawa was en route to the Eastern Ward with the rest of the evacuees.

Seething with anger, Hikawa runs off... Saki would then wonder aloud what business the not-so-good detective has with the grizzled geologist. Again Saki, let's figure the funky stuff out later. If we don't move now, we're gonna sink.

Disaster Manual 36 (Stress Care) is now unlocked.

Exit the school and head east. Note that it's starting to get really cloudy. I have a bad feeling about this...

ITEMS: Umbrella, Houto Newspaper 3.
COSTUME: ~Naoki: Raincoat Hood, Black Leather Sneakers, Sandals, Chef's Uniform, 
                                   Black Baseball Hat.
                        ~Rina: Corne Wig, Raincoat, Raincoat Hood.
COMPASS: ~Naoki: Rain Cloud, Ni-kun.

Rain starts to fall. Add that to the fact that this part of Central Island is about to sink, then we have a veritable crisis in our hands. Why? Simple: The Western Ward no longer has a stable base because of the earthquake. This is aggravated by the structural problem Ishizawa mentioned earlier. Torrential rains like this one lead to flooding, subjecting the shaky landmass to rapid weathering, and as a result will hasten it's inevitable plunge to the bottom.

Feel free to ignore my baseless theory. Just came up with it on the spot to add a bit of intellectual worst-case-scenario BS to the intro.

First things first: Your stress will grow faster in the rain, though a little less than with inhaling smoke and gas. Thankfully, there's an umbrella lying dead ahead. Pick it up and it will unlock Disaster Manual 78 (Umbrellas) in the process. Equip it. NOW.

Personally, I'd rather brave the rain and give the umbrella to Saki, but that's obviously not an option. Speaking of which, if you talk to Saki here, you can ask her to sing that song again. I've heard of people singing their hearts out while in the rain, but this is ridiculous... won't she catch a cold?

Also note that she's no longer holding a guitar, but there's guitar music while she sings. WTH? Air guitar?

Anyway, your stress will drop after she's done. You can have Saki perform as many times as you want, but since there are two benches in the park up ahead,  there's little need for it. Plus it takes waay too much time. (unless you press start to skip it)

Make your way to the side of the parked taxi and pick up the Black Leather Sneakers. Rina's Corne Wig will be on top of the taxi (she finally gets her first Narisokonai item) Enter the park and go southeast. A Ni-kun Compass is in plain sight. Enter the rest area with the bench in it to get Naoki's Raincoat Hood/Rina's Raincoat. North on a wooden bench (the one which is not usable as a rest/save point) is the Rain Cloud Compass. As Rina, her Black T-Shirt will be a few clicks from that bench on a walkway.

You'll find another rest area to the northwest, where you can pick up a Houto Newspaper 3 and a Black Baseball Hat/Rina's Raincoat Hood. Head south-east, snatching the Sandals along the way. The Chef's Uniform is hidden in a bush a little south of the path leading to the bridge.

I suggest that you go back to one of the rest areas first to save.


Ugh, so freaking close... the bridge to the Eastern Ward collapsed before you even got to it. Saki spies another one farther to the right, with a couple of people crossing...

Disaster Manuals 41 (The Risks Of Bridges) and 51 (Overflowing Rivers) are now unlocked.


All right let's go towards that other bridge... was what I'd like to say, but the quake decides to be a bully to you yet again. So scratch that. When things even out, you find yourself on a not-so-desirable part of the pavement... the one that happens to be sinking, no less.

Crouch immediately when an aftershock hits. Go south, and wait a little for the elevated ledge up ahead to sink. Jump on it immediately as soon as it's level, then continue to the southwest. DO NOT STOP RUNNING! Debris will fall conveniently towards places that you've been on and will hit you if you dawdle for even a second, causing large HP damage and a knockdown.

Upon reaching safe(?) ground, the scene will cut into a sight that'll make your eyes pop out. The debris raining from the sky was coming from Central Tower. The top half has come off and it's falling very close to where you're standing!!

Disaster Manual 40 (About Dangerous Structures) is now unlocked.


Don't relax just yet. Saki will motion for you to climb up and use the fallen tower as a makeshift bridge. Crazy, but you don't really have the luxury of being finicky at a time like this. Climb up the ledges as fast as you can. Saki will be going on ahead. Go up the slope of the fallen tower, and prepare to crouch after clearing the gap ahead. Another section of the tower will collapse!! The one you're on is starting to sink, so make your way to the narrow path with slopes on either side. Adjust your camera view as fast as possible, making sure that you're able to run straight, since the slopes will send you tumbling down to the raging waters below if you miss a step. Several aftershocks can and will complicate things for you during this treacherous crossing. You should have learned about the ideal crouching duration from the prior scenes, because if you take too long, the next few sections will be beyond your reach and you'll sink just like that.

If you get to where Saki is, then congratulations! You've managed to get to the Eastern Ward in one piece! But first, take a good long look at where you came from... all the tower segments are gone, and the Western Ward is picking up the pace on it's reluctant trip to Davy Jones' locker... that can only mean one thing for you: Free extra stress!

ITEMS: Houto Newspaper 4.
COSTUME: ~Naoki: Construction Helmet, Knit Cap.
                        ~Rina: Nurse Cap, Gray T-Shirt, Lace Gloves.
COMPASS:    ~Rina: ECO, Hi-san.

Clamber up the elevated ledge to the southeast for Naoki's Construction Helmet/Rina's Nurse Cap. There's a bench west along the coastline railing. Continue south. The Houto Newspaper 4 is in plain sight. Rina's ECO Compass is near a ledge to the east and Naoki's Knit Cap/Rina's Lace Gloves can be found in plain sight lying near the stairs going up to the bridge.

An event pops up ahead. Gunshots can be heard from close by. Guess whose gun that would happen to be... yup, it's good ol' Hikawa! He seems to be shooting at someone hanging on the edge of the broken bridge. Yet another quake occurs, and the defective detective never had a chance to crouch. He tumbles down to the rushing waters below. Good freaking riddance.

Saki then urges you to save the man hanging on to the bridge. Make your way up via the stairs (picking up Rina's Hi-san compass along the east railing and Gray T-Shirt a little to the south), then head west. Slow down a bit when you reach the end of the broken bridge, you wouldn't want to follow Hikawa's lead, now would you? Get in as close as you can to the man and press Circle.

The guy you pulled from the bridge was Ishizawa, who's had one too many chugs of floodwater but still happens to be up and about. At first, he wonders how Saki knows his name, then immediately remembers seeing you two back in the ill-fated evacuation center. Another quake hits, and a part of the bridge collapses.

Disaster Manual 45 (When Swept Away By a Raging River) is now unlocked.

Though the usual danger music is running, this sequence isn't particularly intense enough to warrant an alert section. Just go back the way you came and have Saki help you push the nearby truck down to the hole, with the trailer part serving as a temporary bridge. Why Ishizawa didn't help is beyond me, but it looks like a nurse and a college student's collective physical strength is sufficient enough to move a truck, so weakling geologists need not apply.

The bridge sinks, but by that time you're all on terra firma. Ishizawa is thankful to be alive, but seems worried about Hikawa's fate...

-Ask what was going on between Hikawa and Ishizawa.
-Ask how Ishizawa and Hikawa know each other.
-Beg the two to help you look for Hikawa.

For the first two choices, the same thing will come up:  Ishizawa is surprised that you knew Hikawa. He explains that the latter was seeking him out for some reason. Next thing he knew, Hikawa was pointing the gun at his face. Just when Ishizawa thought he was about to die, the earthquake happened and Hikawa goes down instead.

For the third one, Saki agrees with you that Hikawa can still be rescued at this point in time, but Ishizawa counters that notion, saying that a current of this speed might have already done him in.

A girl's voice calls out to Ishizawa. It's Ayami! She's relieved to find him safe, ditto with you and Saki.

Ayami then asks if you've seen Hikawa. She's been running circles around Central Island but never managed to find him. Oh crap... someone has to tell her...

-Tell her what happened to Hikawa yourself.
-Have Honjou-san tell her what became of Hikawa.
-Keep quiet.

Regardless of what you pick, Ishizawa will serve as the bearer of the bad news. Ayami couldn't believe it, but it just happened. Ayami falls on her knees and cries out "Onii-san!!"

How about that? Apparently they were brother and sister. Wouldn't have guessed by their actions a while back...

Disaster Manual 44 (Rescuing People Swept Away By Water Currents) is now unlocked.

Anyway, the most sensible thing to do now is to seek shelter from the rain and find a place for the bereaved Ayami to rest, says Ishizawa. You can return to the bench if you want, but the place you need to go to is down past the bridge due south. Climb the set of stairs to the east afterwards.

Thankfully, the rain has stopped. Night will soon fall, and the four of you make camp in one of the park's many rest areas.

 DISASTER MANUALS: 46, 47, 48.

Sitting in front of an improvised campfire, Ishizawa expresses a bit of surprise that you two know Ayami. Saki tells him that running into Ayami was in passing. After all, the group only met up with her en route to the evacuation center.

Now it's your turn to talk. You'll be asking Ishizawa some questions in stacking order.

-How are you acquainted with Hazuki-san?

The geologist's answer is short and simple: Ayami's the daughter of a development firm president that commissioned him prior. Saki then asks if said firm is the Hazuki Development Corporation. Ishizawa is taken aback, but confirms that this is so.

-Are Hazuki-san and Hikawa-san really siblings?

They're definitely siblings, says Ishizawa. Saki couldn't really believe it since they hardly acted as such. Ishizawa decides to clam up after hearing that.

-How are you acquainted with Hikawa-san?

Same as with Ayami, but aside from that, Hikawa was also engaged to Ishizawa's daughter.

-So you had a daughter, Ishizawa-san?

Ishizawa's daughter worked at the Hazuki Development Corporation as a secretary. She also knew Ayami and treated her like a sister... but Ishizawa's daughter is gone... apparently, she committed suicide. (yes, it's the same person mentioned in the news, in case you were asking) Again, Ishizawa opts to stop talking after this.

-Is the island really going to sink?

...and suddenly Ishizawa becomes verbose yet again: Before the island was developed, Ishizawa was commissioned by the Morita Group and Hazuki Development Corporation to examine the underground integrity of the building site. The result was negative. The site had a lot of issues, and did not conform to the law's earthquake safety standards.

Saki is shocked. They've been living under a danger zone all this time, no thanks to some shady cover-ups made. If the problems were made public sooner, then the development of Central Island would have been nipped in the bud and lives would not have been lost in this disaster.

From here, you can stop grilling Ishizawa. Ayami seems to be calming down a bit. What do you say to her?

-Are you okay?
-You scared me when you collapsed back there!
-I'm glad to have run into you again...
-Heh, that's one good way to buy sympathy!

-Are you okay?
-You scared me when you collapsed back there!
-I'm glad to have run into you again...
-Well! You'll be pulling sympathy from everyone if you keep that up!

For Rina, the first choice is best. As Naoki, only pick the third option if you want the Ayami ending, because you'll be losing points for the Saki flag. The last one subtracts from both.

From here you can ask Ayami some questions. Again, these are in stacking order.

-Are you really the daughter of the Hazuki Development Corporation president?

Ayami says yes. She apologizes and explains that she didn't mean to keep it a secret. Saki tells her not to think too much of it.

-Are you and Hikawa-san really siblings?

Ayami confirms this to be true as well. Hikawa and Ayami have the same father, but different mothers. (so she says) Despite being only half-siblings, Hikawa treated her nicely and listened to all her problems. Ayami feels guilty that she never had the chance to address her brother as "onii-san" to his face, and feels that things would have been different if she did her part in making them closer with that term of endearment. Ishizawa assures her that she's not to blame for how Hikawa ended up the way he did.

-Where have you been since you parted ways with us?

Ayami got lost while looking for Hikawa. Again, she starts to beat herself up for not being able to find him sooner...

From here, you can stop asking questions. Ishizawa tells you that it would be wise to turn in for the night. Somehow, the Eastern Ward will be fine for quite a while, but they'll have to deal with the issue of provisions. Food is running dangerously low around the island, especially since a storage facility with emergency supplies sank along with the Western Ward. Here's hoping that the next rescue chopper would actually arrive tomorrow...

Disaster Manuals 46 (Points Of Concern When Camping Out), 47 (Evacuation Center Food Shortage) and 48 (Long-Term Effects Of Being In An Evacuation Center) are now unlocked.

Another FMV will start.

Everybody goes to sleep, save for Saki. Out of the blue, she decides to sing again, along with her air guitar. The song is particularly calming (bordering on tear-jerking, especially when paired with the view of the ruined structures from the Western Ward). Your character will wake up as well and listen to Saki's song until the end.

Though it's a moot point considering your stress was zero to start with, the song will still lower it nonetheless.

Upon finishing the song, Saki turns and sees you awake as well, apologizing because she feels that it's her fault. What do you say?

-That song was great!
-That song was so-so.
-Why don't you go to sleep already?
-Singing while everyone is asleep... common sense much?
-Ugh, your singing voice gave me nightmares!

This is your last chance to fully activate the Saki Flag, so if you need her ending, do not muck it up! Only the first choice will work for that. The rest range from iffy to detrimental.

Saki confesses to you that back when she did her impromptu performance at West Third and suddenly gained an audience, she felt a little embarrassed, but happy at the same time. It's as if she totally lived her dream, if only for a fleeting moment.

If you asked Saki if she had a boyfriend last night as Rina, Saki will go into further detail about him: Her ex had a good voice and was superb at playing guitar. Their band was on the fast-track towards a professional debut, but he just went and quit without telling anyone. For the longest time, Saki despised him for ruining their dreams. She lost her passion for singing and found herself becoming a nurse, a profession that she felt would make other people happy in lieu of being a performer. Some time later, Saki heard from a friend that her ex didn't really betray her and the band... he just had no choice but to take over his ailing father's company. Moreover, he expressed his desire to hear Saki sing once more.

She'll then reveal to you that she was leaving Central Island to become a professional singer, and ask you if she has what it takes to make it as one... what do you say?

-If it's you, Honjou-san, then you'll definitely become a singer!
-It'll depend on how much effort you put in.
-I don't know squat about music, so...
-You'll need some more improvement in the looks department...
-Impossible... I'm not feeling your talent.
-Instead of being a singer, why don't you just become my wife?

-If it's you, Honjou-san, then you'll definitely become a singer!
-It'll depend on how much effort you put in.
-I don't know much about music, so...
-Maybe if you matched me in the looks department...
-Impossible... I'm not feeling your talent.
-Instead of being a singer, why don't you just become my Owarai partner?

Again, if you want the Saki ending, perish the thought of making her look stupid or going Simon Cowell on her face (er... wait, isn't that the same thing?). Just a friendly reminder in case you're tempted.

She'll talk about the hospital director afterwards. Saki actually left without saying goodbye because she felt guilty about quitting her job out of the blue after everything he's done for her. Then she'll tell you what she heard from her colleague back at the evacuation center about the director staying behind at the hospital when the quake first struck the island. (which you overheard anyway unless you were too busy ogling the other nurse to actually remember...)

Saki will apologize once more for waking you up and bids you good night...

...but if you listened to me and made all the right choices for her flag, then she'll also ask if she can address you on a first-name basis.

In Japanese culture, addressing each other by given name is very significant (more so than with most other cultures), since it means putting down the usually stiff formal defenses used with strangers and signals the beginning of a strong relationship as friends, and perhaps maybe even lovers. Unless initially given leeway to do so, it's something you ask permission for ONLY if you feel that you're particularly close to the person. Just going ahead without considering the person's feelings is rude.

So what do you say to that?

-Sure, no problem.
-Okay, then I'll start calling you "Saki-san" as well.
-It's too embarrassing, so I'd rather you didn't.
-No thanks, it'll make us look like a couple, which we aren't.
-I completely and utterly refuse!

-Sure, no problem.
-Okay, then I'll start calling you "Saki-san" as well.
-I'm too shy for that sort of thing, please don't.
-I'll pass. Let's quit this "Pretending To Be Friends" act.
-Your request is absolutely rejected!

I'm sure you know which ones are best. If not, then you officially fail as a human being.

A Multiplay Quest will unlock. As Naoki, Day 2 is now officially over...

...but in Rina's case, there can be another twilight conversation. Assuming you've made all the right choices for the Ayami Flag (friend or GL, but you have better chances with the GL choices) you'll be woken up by the sound of sobbing. What do you do?

-Get up and see who it is.
-Keep sleeping.

Would you want to pass this up now after going through all that trouble to activate it? Come on...

You'll walk up to where Ayami is (who else would be crying among your group?). After calming down, she confesses to you that she's no good at talking to people. As a result, she has no friends in school. Hikawa was the only person she could depend on, but now that he's gone, Ayami doesn't know what to do with herself anymore.

Ayami needlessly apologizes again for telling you all this, though she feels that you're the only one she can confide in...

-Comfort her and say "Stop putting yourself down..."
-Give her a pleasant smile and say "You can talk to me about your worries anytime!"
-Don't worry about it. We're friends, aren't we?
-Don't worry about it. We're lovers, aren't we?
-Give her an uneasy look and say "You wanting to confide in me is quite troublesome."
-Scold her and say "You're such a gloomy girl, so it's only natural that nobody likes you!"
-Pretend to fall asleep since you're bored with the conversation.

Since you don't have that many chances to interact with Ayami, you shouldn't really waste it if you've come this far. Regardless of what you pick, she'll ask if she can address you on a first-name basis as well...

-Smile at her and say "Sure, Ayami..."
-Meh, sure... it's fine, I guess.
-Why not address me as "Onee-sama"?
-Of course not!

This is your last chance for either the friend or GL flag. If you pick the third choice, she'll feel embarrassed about calling you Onee-sama and would initially refuse. But you have her hook, line and sinker now. It's just a matter of how you'll get Ayami to do what you want...

-Ayami, do you hate me?
-I'm sure you'll do as I say... since you're a good girl and all...
-Look into my eyes when you're talking to me...

Give her a guilt trip, go disciplinarian or passionately aggressive... your call.

With that, Ayami finally falls under your spell, but will only call you "Onee-sama" when you are alone together. In front of other people, she'll call you by your first name. (even if Ayami established that condition, she's bound to slip up on several occasions during the course of Day 3 depending on your choices) It's getting too hot in here now... go to sleep already!