[FAQ] 絶体絶命都市3 (3日目)



Saki will wake you up with a worried look on her face. Seems like Ishizawa got up way earlier than everyone else and totally bailed. Ayami has been searching for him in all the nearby places, but no dice.

Your initial reaction will reflect the kind of personality you have/changed it into, and Ayami will be the one to comment on it this time. Since this is the last day, you'll be stuck with that type for the remainder of the game.

Saki would then ponder why Ishizawa left so suddenly... what do you think?

-He may have his reasons...
-Darn him, going off on his own like that!
-Meh, whether he's here or not, it doesn't change a thing.
-I kinda dig why he wanted to get away from you two...

-He may have his reasons...
-Darn him, going off on his own like that!
-We don't know him that well, so maybe it shouldn't be that big of a deal?
-I can pretty much understand why he wanted to get away from you two...

Unless there's a flag factor involved, I'll stop telling you what to do from hereon out. I'd like to think that you've gotten the hang of being a decent human being by now... if not, then stop playing the game and go see a shrink ASAP.

Ayami thinks that maybe Ishizawa just went on ahead to the evacuation center to warn the people about Central Island's dire state of affairs. It might not be for quite a while, but the Eastern Ward is inevitably headed towards the same end as the ill-fated Western Ward.

The group needs to be going there as well...

...but Saki hesitates, telling you two to go ahead without her. It turns out, the city hospital she used to work for just happens to be close by, and Saki wants to see for herself if the hospital director is still alive...

-Traveling alone is dangerous! It'll be three of us going to the hospital!
-I don't want to part with Honjou/Saki-san! I'm coming along!
-It has to be three of us going to the evacuation center!
-All right! Now I get to be alone with Hazuki-san!
-Erm, just a sec... need to go to the bathroom.

-Traveling alone is dangerous! It'll be three of us going to the hospital!
-I don't want to part with Honjou/Saki-san! I'm coming along!
-I insist that it be three of us going to the evacuation center!
-I'm so happy! now I can finally be alone with Hazuki-san/Ayami...
-Excuse me, I need to go to the little girl's room...

Note that I put a slash on the last name and given name. It will vary according to your current relationship status with the two girls. Don't get cocky even if you've activated the Saki/Ayami flag yesterday, you'll still have to keep it up until you get to a confirmation scene a little later today.

The fourth choice is best for the Ayami flag. Don't expect respect from Saki if you say that as Naoki, though... by the way, for the people playing as Naoki who might be worried because there was no first-name event for Ayami yesterday, don't fret... everything will fall into place here if you do things right.

Ayami agrees that you all have to be together for the hospital trip. The evacuation center can wait. With that, off we go.

Disaster Manual 41 (Going Astray) is now unlocked.

ITEMS: Eastern Ward City Newspaper.
COSTUME: ~Naoki: Hotel Staff Hat, Danish's Wig, Black Belted Shoes, Blue Suit.
                        ~Rina: Chef's Uniform, Long Sleeve T-Shirt. 
COMPASS: ~Naoki: Jinnai, Baby.
                      ~Rina: Notes, Bowling Magnet.

The hospital is still standing (possibly because of earthquake-proofing fortifications), though it looks like most of the west wing has been destroyed. In order to advance, all you need to do is to go to the main entrance. However, there are a handful of items around the parking lot, so the usual scavenger hunt is in order. Avoid going near the doors until then.

The taxi stand to the northwest has the Eastern Ward City Newspaper lying dead center. Rina's Long Sleeve T-Shirt is near the extreme northeastern checkpoint.

Due north behind one of the shorter container crates is the Notes compass. From there, the Bowling Magnet is a few clicks west. Near a pit is Naoki's Belted Shoes. Close by around the same pit is the Baby compass.

Go around the bushes and pick up a Chef's Uniform for Rina/Blue Suit for Naoki. A little to the east is the Hotel Staff Hat. Southeast you'll find Danish's Wig, and a little west from there is the Jinnai compass. (fans familiar with ZZT1 would get the Camera + Cigarette reference)

With that, the lot has been cleaned out. Proceed to the entrance. Saki takes notice of the damage to the hospital exterior. Though concerned about the hospital director, she takes Ayami's wound from yesterday more into consideration (it still hurts somewhat, according to the latter). There's a clinic around the first floor, and if it's still usable, Saki will be able to perform a more proper treatment on the wound, way better than the patch-up job they had to settle for yesterday.

Disaster Manual 42 (Earthquake-Proofing Of Hospitals) is now unlocked.

Inside, there are quite a few items about, but you can get to them later. For now, head east and enter the open door near the second bench.  That's where the clinic is.

Thankfully, everything within is somewhat intact, so Saki successfully manages to administer antiseptic, painkillers, and a fresh set of bandages. Ayami feels worlds better now. Saki then asks you two to step outside for a while, since she still wants to look for the hospital director alone. Ayami feels that it would be best not to get in the way. Can't argue with that.

Saki seems to be taking her sweet time. Thinking that the hospital would prove dangerous if another quake hits, Ayami starts to worry about her...

-I'm worried too... hope she's okay...
-She has her act together, I'm sure she's fine.
-I'm more worried about your wound than I am about her...
-I can't help but worry about you more than her...
-I'm pretty sure there won't be anymore major quakes for a while.

Okay Ayami lovers, listen up: third choice is good for both Naoki and Rina. If you activated the latter's GL flag, the fourth choice can work as well. In Naoki's case, all the others either do squat or subtract from the Ayami flag. So avoid them at all costs!

Ayami can't take her nagging sense of impending danger anymore and wants you to go in to look for Saki with her.

-Confidently say "All right, I'm going in alone!"
-Excitedly say  "All right, I'm going in alone!!"
-Fidget and say "All right, I'm going in alone..."
-You shouldn't put yourself in harm's way! I'm going in alone!

-No! I'm going in by myself!
-Going inside together is dangerous! Leave it to me!
-Fidget and say "All right, I'm going in alone..."
-You shouldn't put yourself in harm's way! I'm going in alone!

lol, they got a bit lazy with Naoki's lines... anyway, last choice is best for Ayami flag. That's all you need to know.

Now re-enter the hospital.

ITEMS: Big Backpack, Monthly Novel 2, Duct Tape.
COSTUME: ~Naoki: Pilot Uniform, Yellow T-Shirt.
                        ~Rina: Leather Shoes, Red T-Shirt, Geta. 
COMPASS: ~Rina: Thermometer.
COMPASS: ~Naoki: Kettle.

Right smack at the entrance behind the front desk, you'll find another roll of Duct Tape. Odds are though, you won't have enough room for it. That's okay, just get the Big Backpack due north on the out-patient reception kiosk, then go back for the tape.

There's a usable bench if you need it, by the way.

A Pilot Uniform/pair of Leather Shoes can be found near one of the southwest seats. Rina's Thermometer compass is in plain sight at the corner near the trash bin. North near the stairs is the Red T-Shirt.

At the dead end to the far east, you'll see the Monthly Novel 2 and a Yellow Shirt/pair of Geta.

From there, go up the stairs to the 4th floor and go south.  If you're playing as Naoki, hold your horses and check the east stairs leading up to the 5th floor first. The Kettle compass awaits.

Now proceed to the corridor. Saki has found the hospital director and is desperately trying to convince him to escape, as the island won't hold out much longer. The reason he didn't bolt in the first place will become readily apparent as you listen in to their conversation: The director chose to stay with his wife, who's hooked up on life support and would never be able to last out there. Saki offers to have his wife carried out, since there are people waiting outside who can help (you and Ayami). Her description of you will vary according to your current personality trait:

Passionate: A spirited and dependable person.
Cool: A calm and dependable person.
Nervous: A bit too cautious, but somehow a still dependable person.

Looks like it's time for you to intervene.

-Cut in to the conversation and help convince the director to go.
-Cut in to the conversation and talk Saki out of it.
-Make a sudden, flashy appearance.
-Nervously cut in to the conversation.

The first two are recommended. Either you support Saki's cause or you understand that the good doctor doesn't want to be a burden on anyone, and would like to spend what little time he has left with the love of his life.

For evil Naoki players who want to mock this dramatic scene with a retro pop tie-in, dress him up in the White Suit, Soldier Gloves and White Hat, save before heading to the 4th floor, then pick the third choice. You'll get a little something like this...

You've been hit by-eeh... you've been struck by-eeh... a SMO~OTH CRIMINAL!

...sadly, the Smooth Criminal act is detrimental to the Saki flag, so if that's what you're aiming for, reload the prior save ASAP.

The hospital director's mind is made up. He jokingly insists that the young'ins need to leave the old folks alone now, as they'll be needing some blissful private time as husband and wife. The director also gives Saki some inspiring final words: "Saki Honjou! Go out there and chase your dreams!!"

Fighting back tears. Saki urges you to leave with her.

Disaster Manual 52 (Dealing With Terminally Ill Patients) is now unlocked.

ITEMS: First Aid Kit, Bottled Water 500ml.
COSTUME: ~Naoki: Gray T-Shirt, Danish's Gloves.
                        ~Rina: Purple T-Shirt, Armor Greaves, Western Boots. 
COMPASS~Rina: Shrimp & Sea Bream Magnet.

As you walk away from the room, Saki will tell you how the director served as a father figure to her in this very hospital, and always gave her praise and encouragement when it came to her singing.

An earthquake suddenly hits, catching you and Saki off-guard. Your character's reaction to it will vary depending on the current personality type. By the way, you'll be getting some extra stress too.

A loud crash can be heard afterwards. When the dust settles and Saki gets her bearings, she looks back in horror as the hallway that leads to the room where the hospital director was at has caved in...

Saki is petrified at the sight. What do you say to her?

-Pull yourself together!
-Somehow, I knew we wouldn't be able to save him...
-Wow, that was one hell of a crash!
-Think about what you should say before you actually open your mouth.

-Pull yourself together!
-Somehow, I knew we wouldn't be able to save him...
-The hallway crumbled quite nicely!
-Think about what you should say before you actually open your mouth.

*For the Saki flag seekers: First choice, duh.

*For the bad-choice pickers: Remember how when you used to bully Saki, your stress would drop? Well not here. Joking about the cave-in will have Saki putting you to task for being insensitive and staring you down with contempt. Your stress will increase as a result. Given your current circumstances, stress is not something you'd want a lot of.

Anyway, the hospital is getting more and more dangerous with each passing minute. Time for you two to get out while you still can. But you may still grab a handful of stuff on the way out.

Up ahead to the west, a First Aid Kit and Bottled Water 500ml are in plain sight on the nurse's station window.

 The north seats near the nurse's station has the Gray/Purple T-Shirt. Northeast adjacent the vending machines is Rina's Shrimp & Sea Bream Magnet compass.

Fire has broken out on the lower levels, causing bursts to erupt from the gaps on the floor. When you get close, you'll slow down a bit because of the heat. If the fire touches you, you're (literally) toast. Wait for the fire to rise and start running the second it subsides to make the jump count.

In between the two flame pits, you can get Armored Greaves/Danish's Gloves.

After clearing both gaps, run all the way to the Emergency Exit doors (picking up the Western Boots in passing if you're playing as Rina). After three good tackles, it gives way...

...and you almost find yourself falling!!!

Luckily, you manage to slap on the brakes and stay on the 4th floor, but the close call will add more stress. The Emergency Exit stairs collapsed during the first quake, so going out that way is obviously not an option anymore. Head back east, crouch when the aftershock hits, and enter the open elevator door.

COSTUME: ~Naoki: Waiter's Uniform, Policeman's Hat.
                        ~Rina: Loafers, Wedding Shoes, Pink T-Shirt. 
COMPASS: ~Naoki: Kendo.
                      ~Rina: Northern Dog Magnet.

There's a Kendo compass for Naoki to the northwest, but Saki's in the way, so you have no choice but to jump diagonally across. Don't fret, a long running start isn't necessary. As long as you hold X and position yourself correctly, you'll make it.

Rina's items are located in safer spots, thankfully. Scoot a little to the east and take the narrow beam northwards to get Loafers and a Northern Dog compass. Go past the ladder for a pair of Wedding Shoes.

When you're done, examine the ladder. Looks like it's the best way to get down at the moment.

As you descend, Saki remarks on how bad it would be if the elevator up top were to start falling. Sure enough, another earthquake occurs, and surprise!! The elevator DOES start falling. It won't go straight down because it gets caught between floors, but it's only a matter of time...

Way to go Murphy's Law on us, Saki... >.<

Don't think about anything else and just go down. Your stress will grow very fast during this sequence, so take something to ease it if necessary. Once you get off the ladder, make a quick beeline to the ledge.

You manage to get out through the first floor just in time before the elevator hits. You can leave the hospital through the Emergency Exit, but pick up the Policeman's Hat and Waiter's Uniform/Pink T-Shirt before you do.

A Multiplay Quest will unlock.

COSTUME: ~Naoki: Red T-Shirt, Policeman's Uniform.
                        ~Rina: Purple T-Shirt, Beige Shoes, Pink High Heels. 
COMPASS: ~Naoki: Commander.
                      ~Rina: Which Way?

 Upon exiting the hospital, you'll be in for the sight of your life: The last few quakes tore off the whole parking lot and made it sink. Seems like Ishizawa's theory that the Eastern Ward will last a bit longer is suddenly becoming questionable... anyway, just go up to where Ayami is for now. She's totally relieved that you both made it out safely...

-Sorry for making you worry...
-I was really scared too, actually.
-You exaggerate so... who do you think I am?
-I'm glad to be able to see you again...

-Sorry for making you worry...
-It was scary for me too.
-Who do you think I am? Your worrying is pointless.
-I'm glad to be able to see you again...

In case you missed the context of the third choice, it's you bragging to Ayami about how one or two quakes are nothing compared to all the other dangers you've manged to escape from so far. While that may be true, it's still a universally accepted notion that all braggarts suck monkey balls, so don't pick that one.

If you're working on the Ayami flag,  the fourth choice is best. Otherwise, just go with the first one.

Ayami would then wonder where the hospital director is. While trying not to cry, Saki tells her that the director is with his wife... now and forever. Saki expresses gratitude to you for coming to her rescue yet again and will offer you a handshake, hoping that you'll stick it out with her until the group makes it out of this doomed island.

The choice set will vary depending on whether you activated the Saki flag yesterday or not:

-I'll be counting on you too, Saki-san.
-You're hopeless... I'll have to baby-sit you a bit more, Saki-san.

-I'll be counting on you too, Honjou-san.
-I'll be counting on you too, Saki-san.
-You're hopeless... I'll have to baby-sit you a bit more, Honjou-san.
-You're hopeless... I'll have to baby-sit you a bit more, Saki-san. 

-I'll be counting on you too, Saki-san.
-You're hopeless... I'll have to baby-sit you a bit more, Saki-san. 
-Ignore Saki and shake hands with Ayami instead.

-I'll be counting on you too, Honjou-san.
-I'll be counting on you too, Saki-san.
-You're hopeless... I'll have to baby-sit you a bit more, Honjou-san.
-You're hopeless... I'll have to baby-sit you a bit more, Saki-san.
-Ignore Saki and shake hands with Ayami instead.

Since this is a special occasion, addressing Saki by her first name even if you didn't activate her flag is okay (she will even reciprocate), but let me clarify that this is NOT a last-minute flag fix. If you loused up the conversation last night, then too bad.

Incidentally, if you pick the "baby-sit" and "ignore" gags, Saki will twist your wrist and engage you in a very painful handshake. I do believe I've mentioned earlier that she has a martial arts background... those healing and creative hands are also very much capable of inflicting several words of hurt. Ayami gets a handshake from Saki as well.

With that, it's time for the group to head to the Eastern Ward evacuation center at the City Hall.

Disaster Manual 55 (When A Fire Breaks Out) is now unlocked.

Use the bench if you need it. Also, new items have appeared, so you can pick them up on your way out due east. Since they're all practically in front of the hospital and impossible to miss, I'm going to use my second lazy card here. 

The game will ask you if you want to save upon leaving the hospital area. You might have done so earlier when you used the bench, but you can never save enough. There's no penalty here for being cautious anyway. In fact, it's absolutely recommended.

COSTUME: ~Naoki: Danish's Boots, Black Vest, Simple Ribbon, Western Wear.
                        ~Rina: Cap, Purple OL Suit, GothLoli Sandals, Bridal Dress, Western 
COMPASS: ~Naoki: Butterfly.
                      ~Rina: Lighthouse. 

All right, Naoki players... upon reaching this area, go up to Ayami and talk to her. She will ask you out of the blue if she can address you on a first-name basis now. Keep in mind that this will not come up unless you've made all the right choices for the Ayami flag from yesterday up to now.

Anyway, you should answer her:

-Sure, no problem.
-Okay, then I'll start calling you "Ayami-san" as well.
-It's too embarrassing, so I'd rather you didn't.
-No thanks, it'll make us look like a couple, which we aren't.
-Pretend you didn't hear her.

Since this isn't an event scene, it will not be voiced. Even so, you've finally made the first concrete step for the Ayami flag!

Save for the occasional aftershock, nothing major will be happening in this area. You'll just be hunting for stuff. A handful of the items are situated in some particularly risky spots, so don't go excitedly hopping about just because you see one close by.

On a little ledge south, you'll get a Butterfly compass. Drop to where it is while walking. Run, and you'll regret it.

Continue east,  backtrack southwest near the traffic light, carefully dropping to another ledge that has Danish's Boots. Now head to the extreme southeast. See that truck on the water? it's possible to get to it by jumping on the concrete fragments. Your reward will be the Black Vest/Purple OL Suit.

Now head north. The chasm there isn't life-threatening, but you'll take some damage if you make a careless leap. Naoki's Western Wear costume is a little northeast adjacent the truck (Rina'a Bridal Dress is almost at the same place), while the Simple Ribbon is hidden near the overturned purple car on the opposite side. The Lighthouse compass is west near the aforementioned car, with the GothLoli Sandals a few clicks east from there. A Cap is on a hedge west past the taxi.

There's a bench near the vending machines if you need it. City Hall is due east beyond the pit, so go there when you're ready (picking up Rina's own Western Wear along the way).

 ITEMS: Bottled Water 350ml & 500ml, Fruit Juice.
COSTUME: ~Naoki: Long Boots, Summer Wear, Gauntlets.
                        ~Rina: Plate Mail, Embroidered Boots, Lace-Up Sandals, Brown 
                                 Sneakers, Pink Sandals . 
COMPASS: ~Naoki: Irem Transformer Magnet.
                      ~Rina: Rescue Dog.

Upon reaching the Eastern Ward evacuation center, Ayami will observe that the rescue chopper hasn't arrived yet. You'll then be met by a middle-aged man in a brown suit. Since this is city hall, perhaps he's the mayor...?

...nah, seems more like a yakuza oyabun (he may not be one in actuality, but he plays the part quite well). A couple of his goons grab Saki and Ayami from behind. Bossman then demands that you surrender all your food in exchange for your friends' freedom. 

-I'll give it all up, so let them go!
-Like hell I will! Now let them go!
-Run away and abandon the two.

SERIOUSLY!?! You're gonna leave just like that after all you've been through!?! The person you're (supposedly) closest to will ask if you're really going to abandon them just because you want to hoard the food... 

-Nah, that wasn't really my intention...
-Don't worry, I have something in mind!
-Whoa, suddenly I'm getting very dizzy...
-That's exactly what I'm gonna do! Sorry!

-I actually meant to help you from the start!
-Don't worry, I have something in mind!
-Whoa, suddenly I'm getting very dizzy...
-I'm sorry, do I know you?

Barefaced liar... >.<

It's a futile attempt anyway. A goon in a blue suit will stop you and take all the food. You'll lose points for both girls as well. Way to go, you traitorous wretch.

Just give it to them. The First Aid Kits work better and those will remain in your possession.

Regardless of how much you had, bossman will complain that it's not enough and commands you to get more. They haven't had anything to eat since yesterday (then why don't you go find some on your own, you lazy bums!?! ). It seems you weren't the first evacuees these bozos took advantage of... you'll see three high school students in gym clothes also being held hostage. Their teacher was sent on a "procurement errand" but hasn't returned for a while. The blue suit creep assumes that the former has run away and left her students behind...

Anyway, you have no choice but to find more food as well for Saki and Ayami's sake. None of the other evacuees will help, since they're either very afraid of being strong-armed or are severely weak/irritable from hunger. Might as well collect stuff before you start.

Go to the parking lot where the evacuees are settled. There are two water bottles in plain sight (Rina's Embroidered Boots are close to where you got one of them). The Long Boots/Plate Mail are in a tent due west, while the Summer Wear/Brown Sneakers is southwest where a guy in a dandy yellow suit is standing.

Now hit the City Hall front (the one with the big-screen display to the northeast). There's a Fruit Juice near the vending machines at the entrance. Go to the east tent and pick up the Gauntlets. Further east adjacent the building is the Irem Transformer compass. The Rescue Dog compass is hidden behind the bushes.

Use the bench (and pick up the Lace-Up Sandals in front of it). You'll need it. The place you have to go to is an alley to the northwest. A pair of Pink Sandals are waiting for Rina near the hedge there, so you can get them along the way.

 ITEMS: First Aid Kit, Bottled Water 500ml, Houto Newspaper 5 (conditional) Business
COSTUME: ~Naoki: Black Boots, Rescuer Uniform, Chinese Costume.
                        ~Rina: Gold Pumps, Sandals, Flight Attendant Uniform.
COMPASS: ~Naoki: Crouch.
                      ~Rina: Geo-kun.

Well, would you look at that? The City Hall has a disaster-preparedness storehouse close by... if those b'tards used their strength hauling stuff from there instead of committing multiple acts of illegal detention, then there wouldn't be any trouble. They're just too freaking lazy to do actual work and use hunger as an excuse to defy social norms.

But hey, being angry won't get us anywhere. Let's just do what we can to get Saki and Ayami back. Those creeps will get theirs later.

Go to the storehouse entrance to the northeast. A Bottled Water and First Aid Kit are in plain sight. If you go further inside, you'll spy a barely conscious woman who's trapped underneath the boxes. There's a small fire starting, so she might not have much time left...

Disaster Manual 58 (Disaster-Preparedness Storehouses) is now unlocked.

You can't do anything for her from there at the moment, so backtrack a little and head east. You'll find a pair of Black Boots/Gold Pumps at the dead end. Enter the bathroom window of the south building. There's nothing of interest within, but if you press Circle in front of the mirror, your character will strike a pose.

Exit the bathroom. Go west and pick up the Rescuer's Uniform/Sandals near some boxes. Shimmy through the narrow path of toppled racks east. You'll run into Ryoko Honda again.

If you told her about Morita's death back at West Third, she'll give you the Houto Newspaper 5. Otherwise, you get zilch. She'll then ask you what you're doing here, since it's a bit far from the actual evacuation center.

-I'm looking for food, do you know where to find some?
-If you have food with you, I'd like half of it if you don't mind...
-How about you? What are you doing here?
-I thought there was a thief at the fire scene...
-Whatever, just gimme all your food!!

Sadly, Ryoko doesn't have any food on her. She's pretty hungry as well. Despite her condition, reporter's instincts still take higher precedence.

Ryoko will reveal to you that the rescue and relief efforts are currently on a standstill. Several nearby areas have started to sink particularly fast, so a relay site could not be decided on. (In layman's terms, this means more government red tape... hmph.)

Instead of heading to the center, she opted to dig up some dirt on the big names behind Central Island within the City Hall. Ryoko will then go into detail about her findings, starting from Ishizawa's negative site investigation results up to the cover-up orchestrated by Hazuki and Morita, as well as the smear campaign that led to Ishizawa being ejected from the scientific society, leaving him jobless.

Ryoko expresses excitement at the prospect of getting close to gathering all the hard facts, as it'll definitely be a big scoop. That's a reporter for you...

An earthquake interrupts your conversation, and several crashes can be heard from outside. Since she's pretty much gotten what she came for, Ryoko takes her leave.

Disaster Manual 57 (Assignment Of Duties At The Evacuation Center) is now unlocked.

For your part, you still need to figure out a way to get inside the storehouse. Enter the library where Ryoko came from, then pick up the Business Newspaper (and Rina's Flight Attendant Uniform). Head east to pick up the Chinese Costume and Crouch/Geo-kun compass near the doors.

Go north afterwards. There's a hole you can crawl into to get to the next area.

 ITEMS: CalorieMate Box.
COSTUME: ~Naoki: Boy Scout, Punk Gloves Pink Cut-Sew Shirt.
                        ~Rina: Waitress, Hakama, Black Shoes.
                      ~Rina: Flashlight.

From the hole, you'll find yourself at the opposite end of City Hall's back yard. Head to the northeast chain-link fence. You can crawl through the broken part. You're now inside the storehouse area! Climb the ladder to an open window.

Ugh, looks like the last quake made that small fire rage out of control. To get to where the woman is, you have to cross using the the roof beams...

Have you gotten used to balancing yet? No? Tough. You have no choice but to do it here. Get on the beam to the northwest. You'll experience some aftershocks here, so do what you need to do. Crawling works, but it's a bit harder to keep steady that way. Go south. In order to clear that gap, you have to hold X. Even if you're not actually running, you'll still be able to take a leap. Get the BBQ/Flashlight compass and go back the way you came.

Watch out for the firebursts, they're as nasty as the ones in the hospital. When they subside, cross as quickly as you can. It's possible to do it fast, but you run the risk of being set upon by subsequent aftershocks, so alter your motions accordingly.

Rina's Waitress costume is at the end of the western path.

Your goal is the north branch leading to the opposite walkway, but a fireburst swells there and it comes up more often than the first two. Again, be wary of aftershocks and cross when it's clear.

Once you're on the walkway. the tension-inducing beat BGM will stop. Pick up the Boy Scout/Hakama costume before descending. Downstairs, get the Black Shoes/Pink Cut-Sew Shirt behind the ladder and the Punk Gloves near the flames.

Examine the woman or the emergency ration box. You are now faced with a moral dilemma. Let's itemize the facts for the benefit of those with gnat-class attention spans:

*You need to get food in order to free your friends from those good-for-nothing goons.
*If you save the woman, the steel frames will collapse on the ration box and set it ablaze.
*Likewise, if you save the ration box, the steel frames will collapse on the woman and... well, you know what happens next.

So what do you do? The choice order differs depending on which of the two you examined.

-Give up on the ration box and save the woman.
-Give up on the woman and get the ration box.
-Think it over some more.

-Give up on the woman and get the ration box.
-Give up on the ration box and save the woman.
-Think it over some more.

 In case you couldn't resist the temptation to abandon the woman and get the ration box, you'll get some CalorieMate, but...

...whatever. Get out of there now. Use the boxes due west.

As you watch the storehouse burn to the ground, you start to get mixed feelings about the decision you've made...

-Apologize from the bottom of your heart.
-Affirm that you had no choice and that you had to do it for your friends.
-Delude yourself into thinking that she might have gotten out somehow.
-Put the blame on her for fainting in there.

Choice 2 adds stress. I'd rather not comment on the rest. Either way, you've just committed murder. Go back to the evacuation center already. There's nothing else you can do to make up for it anyway.

Language barrier aside, if you take more than 5 seconds to make this call, then you seriously fail as a human being. I know it's just a game and that woman is merely a 3D model made up of binary code, but how you handle these situations speaks volumes about the kind of person you are.

After saving the woman, she regains consciousness and freaks out at the sight of the burning storehouse. You need to get out of there now! Climb the stack of boxes to the west.

As you watch the storehouse being consumed by flames, the woman expresses gratitude to you for saving her life and introduces herself as Natsumi Higa, a high school teacher...

Wait, what? Natsumi Higa? The unluckiest woman in the ZZT universe?

Damn... O_O;;

While she may be familiar to you if you've played any of the first two games, your current character is a new face to her, so introductions are in order.

-Say your name pleasantly.
-Say your name loudly.
-Fidget and say your name.
-Wink and say your name with an additional "...your knight in shining armor!" tag.

-Say your name pleasantly. 
-Say your name loudly.
-Fidget and say your name.
-Wink and say your name with an additional "...your valiant savior!" tag.

Knock yourself out. Despite having gone through more than her fair share of disasters, Natsumi is a very kind woman and will play along even with the (ridiculous) last choice. Like Ryoko, she doesn't have anything to do with the relationship flags you're working on.

Once you fill her in on your situation (which is no different from her own), she'll reveal to you that she managed to get some food... a box of CalorieMate!

With that, you and Natsumi should make tracks back to the evacuation center. A Multiplay Quest will unlock when you leave the area. No save prompt though.


Save first on the bench before talking to bossman. Trust me on this.

Upon seeing the CalorieMate box, the ecstatic creeps go down a notch from domineering to downright gross. Looks like they pulverized the biscuits and ate them off the road. Eww.

By the way, they'll also take the bottled water and fruit juice you picked up a while ago.

They seem satisfied at first, but blue suit guy complains that it's still not enough. WTH!? You got your food, let our friends go! Bossman refuses, also saying that it's not enough... ooh, if only I had Hikawa's gun...

But then bossman suddenly changes his mind. He'll let everyone go if you or Natsumi put on a show that entertains them...

-You damn cheaters!
-I don't know how to act...
-Come on, let them go!
-Come up with a joke on the spot.
-Keep quiet and observe the situation.
-Ask Higa-sensei to put on an act to convince them.

-You're not being fair!
-I don't know how to act...
-Please let them go!
-Come up with a joke on the spot.
-Keep quiet and observe the situation.
-Ask Higa-sensei to put on an act to convince them.

They're obviously not being fair, so let them know. The joke won't work and it will only add stress. The rest don't do squat either. The creeps will then harass Natsumi, saying that she should set an example for her students. Unfortunately, she also draws up a blank.

Things are looking pretty grim... but suddenly, you hear guitar sounds in the air. It's Saki! Out of the blue, she starts singing her heart out. The goons are left dumbfounded. Is it because of her superb vocals, or are they also at a loss as to where the guitar music is coming from? Probably both.

Nevertheless, bossman confesses that he was entertained, and commands his underlings to set everyone free. Apparently he's heard about the mini-concert Saki put on yesterday at West Third...

All's well that ends well. Natsumi is reunited with her students, and your friends also return to your side.

-I'm glad you're both safe!
-Are you okay, Honjou/Saki-san?
-Are you okay, Hazuki/Ayami-san?
-Did those creeps do anything funny to you guys?
-Ugh, I always have to look after you two...

Pick the one whose flag you're working on. The rest are meh. If Rina's GL flag with Ayami is active, there'll be an additional hug (though it doesn't really look like one) for the "Are you okay?" option, and poor Saki will feel all left out.

Natsumi will then walk up to you and thank you again for everything. She laments being useless, as every time there's a disaster, she always has to be rescued... Natsumi wishes you all the best, as she'll be scooting off with her students before those goons give them the evil eye again.

Yet another earthquake rocks the island, warping the walls of City Hall. All the evacuees are thrown into a panic.

Ideally, you'd best be following Natsumi's lead given the circumstances... but if you try to go anywhere but the front of City Hall, Saki will stop you. What, you suddenly got confident because your air guitar puts them in a stupor?

Nah, actually she thinks it's more prudent to stay here and wait for the rescue chopper to arrive, if it ever does. If only there was an option to tell her what you found out from Ryoko...

In any case, you have no choice. Brace yourself and walk on over there.

For those who chose to abandon the woman earlier, here's another conscience nagger: Upon giving them the CalorieMate, the creeps let Ayami and Saki go, but keep the students hostage, saying that they'll still be waiting for the teacher to bring them their dinner.

Though stunned, the students hold out on the hope that their teacher will eventually return... but you know for a fact that she won't, and it's all your fault...

The big screen TV is on, and it's showing the Hazuki Development Corporation President Daigo Hazuki being bombarded with questions from reporters in a press conference. Apparently he was able to get off the island safely. Of course, he now has some explaining to do...

Okay, quick recap: according to the radio broadcast two days ago, power and other utilities were stopped when the disaster hit. Then how is that big screen TV running? I'd venture a guess that they're using a generator, either the solar or wind-powered sort.

Daigo Hazuki vehemently denies any and all knowledge about Central Island's structural problems. He's obviously irritated by the repetitive and increasingly detailed questions about them, with one of the reporters even mentioning an underground air pocket. Daigo eventually loses it and blurts out that while this disaster has inconvenienced him in many ways, Central Island can just go ahead and sink for all he cares.

The evacuees are outraged. For her part, Ayami seems crestfallen once more. What her father said was horrible indeed, but you have to consider her feelings...

-Hazuki/Ayami-san, you all right?
-What an awful man, that President Hazuki!
-Say nothing and put a hand on Ayami's shoulder.

Last choice only works if you're doing the Ayami flag. Otherwise she'll avoid your hand and insist that she's just fine.

Tension builds as the evacuees start whispering among themselves and giving the three of you dagger looks. One of them recognizes Ayami as Daigo's daughter (because of her school uniform, he says... where's the logic in that?).

You'll get some extra stress as a result of the now-hostile atmosphere.

Ishizawa suddenly appears and tries to convince the people that Ayami is not the one at fault here. Unfortunately, nobody is listening anymore. The desperate, hungry and devastated evacuees are now in "Kill" mode, and they have every intention of mobbing Ayami no matter what.

Disaster Manual 59 (Rumors In Times Of Disaster) is now unlocked.

When you regain control, don't think, JUST RUN! Head north to the next area.

 ITEMS: First Aid Kit, Old Newspaper, Monthly Novel 3
COSTUME: ~Naoki: Knit Trainers, Plate Mail.
                        ~Rina: Antique Dress, White Boots, Gold Boots.

After tussling with Mother Nature in several occasions, this time you're up against the worst of Human Nature. The hostile evacuees giving chase are after Ayami, but they will not think twice about lynching you too.

It's possible to get all the items here in one shot. Just hit Circle real quick-like when you're within arm's length of it, confirm the pickup and continue running! For those people who are less-than-confident with their spatial awareness, there's an alternate method: Lay the PSP down, then use your index and middle fingers to operate the relevant buttons:

You'll see two items in plain sight up ahead: The First Aid Kit and the Old Newspaper. You may be able to do without the former, but the Old Newspaper is needed to unlock a Disaster Manual.

Continue west, deftly picking up the Knit Trainers/Antique Dress. Try to clamber up the hedge to the northwest as fast as you can so you can get the Plate Mail/White Boots. It's okay to relax a little when you make it here, the pursuers cannot go over obstacles.

Since they'll inevitably get ahead during your procurement rush, Saki and Ayami will be waiting for you near an alley. Go to where they are and an event will come up. Large debris will rain down after they go through said alley, making it impassable for you. Thankfully, both girls are unharmed, but you'll have to find another way to hook up with them later.

Continue west and get the Monthly Novel 3 along the way. Keep running until you reach the end where another pursuit group is lying in wait. Notice that you'll technically be cornered by two sets of the same NPC models: bossman, big guy in a green jacket and red shirt punk. (lol kagebunshin no jutsu) 

Rina players, you'll have to be really quick in snatching the Gold Boots before the second group cuts you off. Once you do, make your way to the north passage!!

COSTUME: ~Naoki: Riders, Teamer Shirt, Chinese Shoes, Armored Greaves.
                        ~Rina: Corne's Clothes, Pajamas, Black Boots.
COMPASS: ~Naoki: Airplane.
                      ~Rina: Ballet.

The minute you get here, nobody will be following you anymore. Maybe the pursuers bumped into each other after you slipped through their fingers? I can imagine all six of them kayoed with little cartoon stars flying over their heads...

With that in mind, feel free to casually use the bench ahead for it's twofold purpose.

Make your way to the sunken ledges northwest. The Riders costume is in plain sight. Climb up the higher ledges near the purple car and backtrack southeast, picking up a Teamer Shirt/Pajamas and Corne's Clothes/Airplane compass there. Return to the lower ledge and continue north.

Love MGS? Then you'll be in for a treat. This little sequence is also a game of stealth, albeit stripped down compared to the aforementioned. Bossman and his two stooges will be pacing around each section of the street. If they see you, it's all over. Oddly enough, you can yell while hiding and none of them will react. Genome Soldiers they ain't.

In bossman's patrol route, Naoki players will have to sneakily snatch a pair of Chinese Shoes and return to the hiding place. Jump over the gap and pass through red shirt punk's assigned area.

There will be an event after you clear the next gap. Saki is motioning for you to come from a hole in a building wall that's concealed by a red car.  Don't just go blindly running through though, that's where big guy in a green jacket is hobbling about. Obtain the Ballet compass and Armored Greaves/Black Boots as you scurry on past. If you manage to get to where Saki is without being caught, you're in the clear!

ITEMS: Rope, Lighter, Salmon Onigiri, Special Feature Magazine.
COSTUME: ~Naoki: Orange Parka, Red Sneakers.
                        ~Rina: Nurse Uniform, Pink One-Piece Dress, Red Pumps. 
COMPASS: ~Naoki: Namahage.
                      ~Rina: Tengu.

Once you're through, you are met by the relieved sighs of Saki and Ayami. Since the evacuees are still feverishly searching for you three, Saki feels that it would be best to stay inside for now.

Despite being in such grave danger, Ayami is more worried about Ishizawa, whom they left behind after the big reveal...

-I'm sure he's okay...
-He wouldn't have been killed just like that...
-With everybody being wild out there, perhaps...

-He should have been able to escape...
-Despite everything, I'm sure he's not dead...
-With everybody being wild out there, perhaps...

First choice. I don't give a fig whose flag you're doing, just pick it.

Saki would then wonder how everyone knew that Ayami was the daughter of the Hazuki Development Corporation President. That's been bugging me as well, actually...

-Maybe Hazuki/Ayami-san is actually famous?
-Someone could have spread the word around about Hazuki/Ayami-san.

She's not famous, and if the latter is the case,  then what's the perp's motive? Either choice is fine, BTW.

-There could be someone bearing a grudge against Hazuki/Ayami-san.
-There could be someone bearing a grudge against the Hazuki Development Corp.
-Don't say anything that would rattle Hazuki/Ayami-san.
-Clam up since you don't have any viable theories.
-No doubt about it, they're after Hazuki/Ayami-san because she's just too cute!

For the Saki flag, silence is golden. If you're doing the Ayami flag, the last choice can work (and will even warrant a touch of PDA if Rina's GL flag with her is active). But if you pick the last choice with a neutral-to-worst relationship with Ayami, she'll emerge with an uncharacteristically cold comeback... given her usually timid nature, this sudden burst of cool is surprising, bordering on freaky.

The group's collective amateur sleuthing attempts will come to naught. (where's Kindaichi when you need him?) Ayami's just your everyday (moetastic) schoolgirl, and she knows nothing about her father's company. Instead of fussing with funky details, how about we focus on the here and now... like, how we can exit this building without getting caught by the mob, perhaps?

Inside the room, you'll find a Namahage/Tengu compass in plain sight. Enter the office to the south. You'll find that more than half of the floor has collapsed and there's no way to go but down. Go back the way you came and head east. There's a rope at the end which will fall near your feet after three tackles.

Another possible glitch: While rare, there are instances that if you examine the rope first, the hole comment sequence will not show up, essentially leaving you stranded in the building since you would not be able to tackle the wall for the rope.

Disaster Manual 60 (Ropes For Descent Usage) is now unlocked.

Go up to a protruding metal shaft near the hole and use the Rope from your inventory. Before descending, pick up all the items in the office. No need for me to tell you where they are, there's only so much floor space to look.

Disaster Manual 77 (Practical Use Of A Lighter) is now unlocked.

By the way, remember that Old Newspaper you picked up back at Yanagi East? If you combine it with Duct Tape, you'll get an Improvised Megaphone, unlocking Disaster Manual 43 (Megaphone For Disaster Use) in the process.

Now go down via the rope. Saki will ask Ayami if she can manage to climb down by herself. Now's not a question of whether she can or can't. Ayami WILL go down that way. She needs to do it.

The group will find themselves in an emergency exit stairwell below ground level. Hopefully there might be a way out up ahead.

Oh yeah, if you talk to Saki here, you can have her sing again. You now have two songs to choose from, either the one from West Third, or the one at the park. Don't worry about the mob outside. If they couldn't hear you yell even if you're just a ledge away from them, then a song from underground wouldn't catch their attention either.

Pick up the Orange Parka/Pink One-Piece Dress before you go through that door. Enter the next one and go east to get Naoki's Red Sneakers. Rina's Red Pumps will be a bit further down the stairs.

Go down a few more flights and proceed to the open door up north.

COSTUME: ~Naoki: Aqua Sneakers, Jean Jacket.
                        ~Rina: Novice Teacher Clothes, Maid's Uniform, Red & Black Boots. 
COMPASS: ~Naoki: Convertible.
                      ~Rina: Casino.
DISASTER MANUALS: 61, 62, 63, 64.

There's no other way but the open doors that lead to the parking lot southeast, so go there.

An event will start. The group hears a faint voice coming from somewhere in the lot. Ayami thinks that the mob has caught up with them, but Saki knows better. Static can be heard in between, so there must be a radio around. You should go look for it...

...but not right away. There are a few items up for grabs here. The radio is in the red car parked on the southeast part of the lot. (you'll be able to tell because the static noise gets stronger the closer you get to it)


 For Naoki, A little to the south in front of a parked white car is the Aqua Sneakers. North near the parking lot ramp is the Convertible compass. From there, head southeast and pick up the Jean Jacket near the pillar.

In Rina's part, the Novice Teacher clothes will be behind the same southern car.... hey, wait a sec, aren't these Higa-sensei's threads? She was obviously here, and left her clothes behind...O_O

*ahem* Sorry, my imagination got a little out of hand. Back to the item hunt.

Due north near the parking lot ramp is the Maid's Uniform. Go to the extreme southwest and pick up the Casino compass near a fireplug. From there, go northeast and get the Red & Black Boots behind a blue car.

...a~nd that's all. Now go up to that red car. Also, take note of the parking lot ramp's location, it's very important...

The radio broadcast announces that there will be a rescue chopper coming to Central Island and it's main destination will be the Hazuki Development Corporation Building, specifically the Heliport on the rooftop.

Heck, yeah! Now that's the best news I've heard all day. Saki will ask Ayami where the Hazuki Development Building is located. Though it's hard to tell from here, Ayami knows that it's situated in Kakiyama Street, which is just close by...

...suddenly, another earthquake hits. The concrete walls crack, and water comes rushing in. A strong torrent will hit both your friends and throw them to the pavement, knocking them unconscious!!!!

Disaster Manuals 62 (Cardio-Pulmonary Suspension), 63 (Mouth-To-Mouth Resuscitation) and 64 (Heart Massage) are now unlocked.

All right folks, this is the confirmation scene I was talking about in the beginning. Depending on the all the flag-based choices you've made, one of three things can happen:

*You'll rush to Saki's aid.
*You'll rush to Ayami's aid.
*You'll be at a loss as to who you should save first.

If you get the third one, either you've been a jerk since the first day or you made a mistake somewhere with the flag you were working on. Now the bad news: with this, you're inevitably headed for a not-so-good ending no matter what else you do later. Sad, but true.

Here are the choices for each situation:

-Call out her name countless times.
-Slap her cheek
-Initiate heart massage.
-Initiate mouth-to-mouth resuscitation.
-Pinch her nose.
-Insult her lots.
-Hug her tightly.
-Touch her breasts.

-Save Honjou/Saki-san first.
-Save Hazuki/Ayami-san first.
-Escape on your own.

I'll go out on a limb and assume that there are a handful of eyes batting over the last choice of the flag max set... unfortunately, you won't get to cop a real feel, pervert. Your potential grope victim slash special someone will awaken in time and ask you what you're doing...

-Sorry, I just couldn't help myself...
-I... um... I was going to initiate heart massage!! Yeah, that's it!!
-Drat... I was so close...

Last one adds stress. I'm not sure if it'll still have any negative effects on either flag, but better safe than sorry. Try it out for the lulz, then reload the prior save and do the right thing. Why put all that hard work to waste?

Anyway, the whole parking lot is filling up with water. You have to get out of there now!!!

Disaster Manual 61 (The Dangers Of Underground Flooding) is now unlocked.

If you listened to me and collected all the items before going to the red car, then this sequence is as easy as pie. Just go northeast to the parking lot ramp and that's it.... you're done!!

A Multiplay Quest will be unlocked.

COSTUME: ~Naoki: Pajamas, Ethnic, Mountain Climber Shoes.
                        ~Rina: Yellow-Green Boots, Pullover, Beige Pumps. 

Once again, Saki reprises her role of saying the usual "That was close..." line.

The upward  path is laid out towards the southeast. Climb the ledges and pick up the Pajamas/Yellow-Green Boots before crossing the girder. Leap to the lower ledge and get the Ethnic/Pullover clothes.

You'll notice that Saki and Ayami will hesitate to make the same jump you did. Realistically speaking, it's a bit dangerous after all. When both are fidgeting at the edge, call out to them and they'll follow suit.

Go further up, then carefully walk on the narrow path in front of the green truck to the southwest. The Mountain Climber Shoes/Beige Pumps are waiting ahead.

When you're done, take the road north. Saki will remind you about the news report and urge the group to hurry.

ITEMS: Megaphone, Monthly Houto Magazine, First Aid Kit.
COSTUME: ~Naoki: Brown Sneakers, Dark Green Boots, Lace-Up Sandals, Samurai 
                                    Armor, Gray Suit.
                        ~Rina: Corne's Boots, Hotel Woman, Brown Boots, Black Polo Shirt. 
COMPASS: ~Naoki: Horseback Archer, Irem Academy Magnet.
                      ~Rina: Sengoku Warrior.

Walk a little to the north and an event will come up. Sounds like the rescue chopper is coming! Ayami will then show you where the Hazuki Development Corporation Building is...  none other than the tallest and most awkward looking structure at the center. Ayami's father clearly has some serious compensation issues...

-All right, let's get a move on!
-Wouldn't that building collapse as well!?
-We might run into the people who were after us a while back...

Word of advice: Don't be a party-pooper. The end is nigh, after all.

Disaster Manual 65 (Helicopter Landing Spots On High Buildings) is now unlocked.

Naoki's Brown Sneakers are on a northwest ledge adjacent the white car. On the northeastern ledge ahead, you'll find a Samurai Armor costume.

Due west behind the bushes is a Gray Suit/Sengoku Warrior compass. From there, go east and get the Dark Green Boots beside the light-blue car (Corne's Boots for Rina will be behind it instead). Further east near a truck is the Irem Academy compass. Don't ask me for references on this one. As far as I know, Irem hasn't released any sort of galge as of yet.

Go south and get the Megaphone. You can take out the battery from the Flashlight in your possession and put it in this one to make it work. You'll need it a little later. Rina's Hotel Woman costume will be directly beside it.

Use the bench if you need to. Check the eastern side of the stairs to get the Horseback Archer compass. Make your ascent, picking up the Brown Boots, Monthly Houto Magazine and First Aid Kit lying in plain sight up ahead. At the extreme western end near the collapsed stairway, you'll find the Lace-Up Sandals/Black Polo Shirt.

Now proceed to the path up north.

For some reason, you have to wait for Saki and Ayami to get ahead. That way, you'll again be the only one left behind to navigate the more risky parts of the sequence. Unfair perhaps, but in the words of 2D otaku extraordinare Konata Izumi, "It wouldn't be a game otherwise."

An earthquake will occur and the walkway will gradually collapse as you go. Try to keep up with the two by jumping over each gap and crouching when necessary for inevitable aftershocks. Don't take too long though, each section will only stay level for a limited amount of time. 

Disaster Manual 66 (Collapsing Walkways) is now unlocked.

After that unexpected obstacle course, the Hazuki Building entrance is right in front of you. There's no reason (nor way) to go back where you came from, so you know what to do...

ITEMS: Hazuki Development Corp. Pamphlet, Sports Drink, Hose.
COSTUME: ~Naoki: Navy Blue Suit, Black Sneakers, Porter's Uniform, Pink Suit.
                        ~Rina: Punk Style, Policewoman's Uniform, Black Pumps. 
COMPASS: ~Naoki: Ghost.
                      ~Rina: Sun.

Disaster Manuals 67 (Movement Inside a Tall Building) and 68 (Evacuating To A Tall Building's Rooftop) are now unlocked.

Equip the Improvised Megaphone/Megaphone and use the western bench to save. Don't ask why, just do it. It'll all be clear in a bit.

Get the Hazuki Development Corp. Pamphlet and Sports Drink lying in plain sight close to the bench. Go further north along the western wall near the broken stairs and pick up the Ghost/Sun compass. Old-school gamers will recognize the former as none other than the occasional annoyance in Irem's Famicom remake of Spelunker.

Watch out for the holes on either staircase. They may not look deep, but they're instantly fatal because of the exposed steel protrusions about.

Northeast, you'll find a Navy Blue Suit for Naoki. There's nothing else here, so make your way up the eastern stairs and clamber up to the ledge where you can wall-shimmy up to the second floor. Go to the extreme western end and pick up the Naoki's Black Sneakers and a Hose.

Disaster Manual 69 (Pulling People Up From Lower Floors) is now unlocked.

An event will come up where Ayami apologizes for dragging you down. For some reason, she couldn't go up the way you came. Considering that she's in better shape now than back in Day 2 (where she was able to help you with the ladder and wall-shimmy through the path toward the pharmacy in Lagoon Mall), I find this a bit absurd. Oh well, let's just go with the flow...

Go near the railing and use the Hose from your inventory. Saki and Ayami will use it to climb up.

Another event will start. Stones will be flung at your group. The Eastern Ward evacuees have caught up with you! They're still in Kill Mode and after Ayami's hide. You'll avail of some free extra stress as a result. Quick, run!

You did start to run, but more stones are thrown after Saki and Ayami get ahead, stopping you in your tracks. Saki asks you if you're okay...

-You guys go on ahead! I'll catch up!
-It's all over...
-If it's come down to this, I'll fight them!
-Please help me!

Get real. There's 4 of them (technically more, but again, hardware limitations come into play) and 3 of you. Ayami can't fight and Saki's not in the mood to use her martial arts techniques. Either way, you have no choice but to run!

Why nobody bothered to pull up the hose to buy more time is beyond me, but whatever. Another chase scene will ensue as soon as the goons climb up. Don't dawdle on the walkway. Stones are still being thrown at you and if you're hit, you'll incur HP damage and will in turn slow down.

Run to the east. There are a few item pickups here: For Naoki, There will be a Porter's Uniform at the northern corner near a fireplug and a Pink Suit on the 4th floor staircase.

For Rina, there will be a Punk Style costume at the southern doorway, a Policewoman's Uniform due east, and Black Pumps on the first flight of stairs. 

If you followed my lead and equipped any of the two Megaphones, getting all the items will be a little less complicated. See, whenever you face them and use it (Square button to yell), the pursuers will be frozen momentarily on account of being startled, giving you some more time for your materialistic endeavors. Of course, you still have to move fast. If you can't hack it, just pick one. The items you left behind will still show up on your next playthrough.

Climb up the stairs when you're done. You'll lose them after a few flights.

When the sequence ends, you'll meet up with Saki and Ayami, who are both glad to see you safe. The feeling is mutual, evident on the loss of stress you'll experience. However, it's still far from clear sailing. Getting to the roof of this big-ass building with several crumbled stairways and no working elevator will be a total chore, and you still have those wild evacuees on your tail. Now don't that just beat all...

COSTUME: ~Naoki: Yellow Suit, Running Shoes, Blue Shoes.
                        ~Rina: Surfer Wear, Military One Piece, Legwarmers.  

The evacuees have gone totally nuts, they'll stop at nothing to ensure that your group never makes it to where the rescue chopper is. After eluding them by making your way through several more flights of stairs, the rooftop is nigh, but the next set on this side has caved in. You'll have to find another way up.

Disaster Manual 70 (The Dangers Of Being Inside An Office) is now unlocked.

Near the stairs, you'll get Rina's Surfer Wear, while Naoki's Yellow Suit is east of the bench. Go through the western corridor. An earthquake will occur, and once again Saki and Ayami go ahead first. When things even out, RUN LIKE HELL and DO NOT STOP! The floor collapses as you go and the pitfall jump will be barely past your average distance, so hanging is inevitable.

Before you proceed to the staircase to the northwest, enter the office due east. Inside you'll find Running Shoes/a Military One Piece and Blue Shoes/Legwarmers.This will be the last item hunt session of your chosen character.

Now go towards the stairs. The last few parts of the game so far had a lot of inconsistent details, but this one takes the cake. Screenshots will be necessary:

I mean, seriously... are they ghosts or something!?! They came from downstairs, and there are no other stairs/passages leading to that spot.

Anyway, there's no other option but to go up. You'll be in for the shock of your life: Hikawa is alive and ready to shoot, but not at you. In fact, he tells you to get out of the way. What do you do?

-Swiftly evade right.
-Deftly swerve left.
-Do a superhuman evasive maneuver.
-Stop thinking about stupid things and just go up the stairs and out of the way.

Third choice is dedicated to all the Matrix fans out there...

Hikawa's shot scares the stuffing out of the persistent goons, long enough for the four of you to go further up and escape.

Disaster Manual 71 (Police Procedures For Maintaining Order In Times Of Disaster) is now unlocked.

A Multiplay Quest will also unlock.

Saki is shocked that Hikawa managed to make it out of the flood in one piece. When she tries to ask what happened between him and Ishizawa, Hikawa doesn't give her a straight answer, saying that there's no time to have a chat here and that he'll stay behind to buy time for the group to get to the roof. Ayami takes this opportunity to finally address him as "onii-san". Needless to say, Hikawa seems totally moved. He then asks you to take care of Ayami in his stead...

-All right! Leave it to me!
-Guess I don't have a choice... I'll look after her.
-I'm not that confident, but I'll give it my all!
-Yes! I'll take really good care of her!
-No! I'll stay behind instead!

There's a thin line between being a hero and being a total dumbass. Nowhere is it more evident than here. Hikawa is a cop. He has authority. He has training. Heck, he has a gun! All you have is a bag full of crap.

Nevertheless, if you volunteer to stay behind, Saki will ask you if you're sure, since you'll have to bear the murderous anger of the oncoming evacuees by yourself...

-I... um... I just wanted to say that aloud! It was a lie! Please forgive me! 
-W-what are you saying? I'll endure those blows...

You still have a chance to reconsider at the expense of looking like a sniveling coward. First choice does that. Second choice has you staying behind but regretting your decision, and the evacuees will rip you to shreds. The last choice has you going down in a blaze of glory trying to fend them off.

...with any luck, your friends would have made it out of the island safely. But whether that holds true or not, you will never, ever know.

Credits will roll. This ending does not count as well, so refuse the clear save prompt or quit the game and reload your prior save!

First choice is best. If Rina's GL flag with Ayami is up, fourth choice works.

Another earthquake will hit, and Hikawa will urge the three of you to hurry. You'll eventually run into Ishizawa again. With him leading the way, the group quickly ascends several more flights of stairs.

After taking a breather, Ishizawa tells you that you're getting close. With that, an earthquake occurs once more and you just happen to find yourself lagging behind the three (again). Part of the stairwell collapses, isolating you from everyone else. Ayami and Ishizawa go on ahead, while Saki stays behind. After an aftershock hits, she asks you if you're all right...

-I'll find a way to get up, so you go on ahead!!
-Forget about me, go on ahead!
-Honjou/Saki-san! Thanks for everything!
-Honjou/Saki-san...! I'm glad I had the chance to meet you!
-Honjou/Saki-san! Promise me that you'll continue singing!
-Honjou/Saki-san! I love you!
-Honjou/Saki-san! I leave Ayami in your hands!
-Please don't leave me behind!
-Why the heck does this ALWAYS happen to me!?!

The last choice might mirror your sentiments, but I wouldn't pick that if I were you. Flags don't matter here anymore, but still...

6th choice will have an extra effect on Saki's ending. If you say it as Rina, Saki will scold you for joking around at such a dangerous time. What do you say?

-I was kidding... sorry.

Your call. Anyway, you have to get through no matter what.

This is the final disaster sequence! It may look hard at first, but once you get the hang of it, you can clear it in one shot every time. Go up to the beam ahead and tackle it. Once it goes down, use it as a bridge. Make sure you're on it, the step detection in this game can be wonky sometimes.

Go up the next flight of stairs. Crouch for the aftershock, then proceed. Take a leap from the jutting part of the collapsed stairwell, then move on to the next.

No need to crouch for the next few shakers. Do the same jump for the second gap.

For the third flight, crouch to foil the next aftershock. Cross the collapsed floor part that looks like a bridge, then go up. You'll have to rush for the next two flights. Take the jump on the ledges near the walls. The last one is simple, just leap on to the floor ahead and run to the doorway before it collapses.

Overall, you just need to crouch two times. When in doubt, wait for the "losing balance" animation before making your move.

The rooftop heliport awaits. 

ITEMS: Saki's Handkerchief, Ayami's Handkerchief (both conditional)

Upon reaching the rooftop, you, Saki and several other non-murderous evacuees run afoul of the most unheard of development yet: The mild-mannered Ishizawa cornering poor Ayami at knifepoint. Hikawa also manages to ascend safely. (I'd like to imagine that he gave those three creep jobs one headshot each, but whatever he actually did sure was effective) With all the major players present, Ishizawa seizes Ayami.

The still-confused Ayami asks Ishizawa why he's doing this... the geologist's answer is simple: It's all for revenge. See, the report about his daughter Keiko committing suicide was a blatant falsehood. She was actually murdered after uncovering the island's terrible secret...

-What is the island's secret...?
-Who was responsible for her death?

Doesn't matter which one you pick first. Both of them will be answered anyway.

The island's major structural fault, identified merely as an underground air pocket, was really a gas field. You know, the one where you usually build offshore refineries over? Hazuki and Morita, who wanted to push through with their pet project (and establish control of said energy resource in the process) bribed Ishizawa to misrepresent the gas field as an underground reservoir.

They were also responsible for Keiko's death. Morita made all the arrangements using his connections for the island to be developed and stood to gain a lot from it. Hence, he and Hazuki made sure that the structural fault was never to be revealed by any means necessary.

The disaster was a freak accident, but the extent of the damage obviously meant that the gas field totally acted up. A commercial/residential island had no business being there in the first place.

-So you knew all about it, why didn't you try to stop them?
-Were Hazuki and Morita only thinking about their own interests?

Why these questions still came up escapes me. Prior events already made these little pickles clear: Ishizawa did everything he can, but Hazuki and Morita both used their influence to discredit him. Technically, he is no longer a practicing geologist after having been expelled by the scientific society. For the second one, the fact that Central Island even exists says everything.

For her part, Keiko was determined to clear her father's name, hence the reason she started working at the Hazuki Development Corporation as a secretary. Ishizawa was against it, but Keiko's mind was obviously made up despite the risks involved. Even though she used her mother's maiden name to avoid detection, Hazuki and Morita eventually saw through her cover and did the deed to keep her quiet. Ishizawa totally lost it and plotted revenge against them. He was successful in killing Morita, but since Hazuki has already left the island, Ishizawa set his sights on Ayami, wanting Hazuki to experience the same pain of losing a daughter.

In case you were asking, he's also the one who ignited the emotions of the Eastern Ward evacuees by timing the big screen TV's activation and spreading the information regarding Ayami's identity. The "she's not responsible" gag was just an act. All evidence points to him.

Hikawa implores Ishizawa not to go through with it, but I'm sure Ishizawa won't listen. Things are really getting ugly here... Saki feels that something should be done to stop him.

-Let me try to convince Ishizawa-san! 
-I'll do something to distract Ishizawa-san!
-It's too scary, so let's leave it to Hikawa.
-We should just stay where we are, since it doesn't really concern us.

Whatever you do, don't pick the last two. While nothing bad will happen, it'll delay the sequence further. The first one is moot as well, but offers an extra set of choices:

-Play the "Her family will be devastated" sympathy card.
-Offer yourself as a replacement hostage
-Offer Saki as a replacement hostage.

They're all useless. Ishizawa won't even consider any of you as worthwhile replacements. Ayami is his only target.

The second choice will move things along. Saki will ask you what sort of distraction you'll try to pull...

-I'll tackle Ishizawa-san up front!
-I'll try to sneak up from the outside and get his attention from behind...

"Outside" means that you'll be balancing on the edge of the heliport structure, a very dangerous move considering how high this building is. Saki considers your plan to be too reckless.

-I know it's reckless! But we don't have any other options left!
-How awful of you to call it reckless when we don't have any other options left!
-Try to talk me out of it all you want, but I don't think we have any other options left.

First one is a more proper way to say it. Plus it sounds cooler.

Seeing that you're totally prepared to lay your life on the line to save Ayami, Saki volunteers to do her part to keep Ishizawa occupied while you get yourself into position. If you made all the correct choices for a character flag, you'll be getting either Saki or Ayami's handkerchief. This item not only symbolizes whose ending you'll get, it will also lower your stress to zero after taking a good long whiff. Creepy, but effective.

No hankies for the jerks though. Just use a First-Aid Kit instead. : P

Take the southern stairs down and climb on the jutting platform to the east of it. There's nowhere else to go anyway. Incidentally, if you try to go back the way you came, there will be other evacuees blocking your path. Adjust the camera a bit and you'll see that they're more like cardboard cutouts! Who planted those things there? Looks like "hardware limitations" took it's major toll on the endgame sequence.

Also, note that Saki's song lacks guitar accompaniment, but all the other evacuees will be singing along, and quite perfectly too. I don't know if her song is that memorable, but the fact that there's no longer a mystery guitar tune makes it a bit more believable. If you set the song audio to English, Saki will sing with lyrics, but the evacuees will only go "lalala~" 英語は分かりませんからね、(笑).

You don't have to rush, but shimmy up to where Ishizawa is ASAP. Might as well get this over with. Since he's busy telling Ayami that she wouldn't have to suffer if daddy didn't bolt, Ishizawa is totally unaware of where you are.

-Grab Ishizawa's leg. 
-Touch Ayami's foot.

Touching Ayami's foot will lower your stress, but grabbing Ishizawa's leg is best. Either way, Ishizawa will be alarmed and Hikawa uses this opening to shoot his arm, disabling the knife-wielding hand. Unfortunately, Ishizawa manages to keep Ayami in his grip and threatens to throw himself off the roof with her.

Ayami then tries to tell Ishizawa that Keiko would be saddened if he dies, adding that it was for this purpose that Keiko didn't surrender the data disc containing all the island's details to Hazuki which resulted in her own death. Held aghast by this revelation, Ishizawa lets his guard down, allowing Hikawa to take another shot. Ayami is finally freed. Hikawa actually didn't want to shoot, but had no choice.

Ishizawa laments his failed revenge, and why Keiko had to die for his sake. He then asks Ayami why she knew about the said data disc. Hikawa hesitantly starts to talk, but you might have the facts down yourself...

-Hazuki/Ayami-san, did you look up all information related to Keiko?
-Hazuki/Ayami-san, did you have something to do with Keiko's death?

Second one is correct, but either choice is fine. Even if Saki scolds you for them, don't fret... no flags will be affected.

So you thought this sordid tale of revenge over an island's development is already completely laid bare? You ain't seen nothing yet...

Ayami will speak up and confess that she and Hikawa also had a hand in Keiko's death. Like with those classic whodunits, the evacuees will chime in unison and ask her why. Saki also couldn't believe what she heard.

Ignoring Hikawa's attempt to stop her, Ayami goes on to reveal that they intended to kill Keiko, Morita, Hazuki, and even Ishizawa. Her reason is simple: revenge for her late mother's sake.

Revenge again... oh hell no...

It turns out, Ayami is not Daigo Hazuki's legitimate daughter.

About 10 years back, the Hazuki Development Corporation was in the red. Daigo Hazuki desperately wanted to save the company, turning to a certain influential man to help him get a major construction project. Using his connections and close ties to the government, the said influential man granted Daigo the papers needed to build Central Island under the condition that he would gain specific "benefits" from it.

Such benefits were not limited to money. Even Daigo's wife became part of the deal. 

If you haven't already figured, the influential man was none other than Morita. Ayami was conceived from their forced "business relationship", but the girl was raised under the Hazuki name to avoid major scandal.

Everyone gasps in unison.

-Also gasp in surprise.
-Think to yourself: "I figured as much..."
-Dismiss the story and think: "I can't bring myself to believe that..."

Ayami found out about her origin two years ago, back when she was in junior high. She has since lived with hatred in her heart, unable to forgive everyone who was involved. She confided to Hikawa about all this, as he was the only one who'd listen. He knew about Ayami's thoughts of revenge and opposed it at first, but Hikawa wanted to do something to ease her pain.

To that end, they formulated a plan: To get Ishizawa to kill both Hazuki and Morita. Obviously, Keiko was a key part in this.

Ishizawa is outraged. He couldn't understand why Keiko had to be dragged into such a plan when his family had nothing to do with the siblings' state of affairs. Ayami counters him, saying that the hospital visit two years ago was what brought this about. Ishizawa was there with his wife and Keiko. Though her condition was a bit unstable, Ayami's mother seemed well enough to receive visitors.

Ayami left for a spell to make some tea, but when she came back, her mother was in a state of shock, eyes wide open. The Ishizawas were also nowhere in sight by then. The doctor tried everything to revive her, but the shock Ayami's mother suffered was too great, and her consciousness never returned.

Ishizawa remembers everything now. This was around the time that he lost his geologist credentials and became unemployed. His wife was belligerent, raining insults and curses upon Ayami's mother. Ishizawa and Keiko tried to stop her, but it was too late.

Simply put, Ayami's mother was the victim of greed and society's scorn, possibly from all the rumors floating about regarding her relationship with Morita. Ayami laments such a gentle soul being tormented by both sides.

The crowd is left dumbfounded.

Ishizawa then asks Hikawa if his relationship to Keiko (from dating up to the engagement) was part of the revenge. Hikawa confirms it to be so. It was for this purpose that he sought Keiko out specifically. Ishizawa is devastated.

After calming down, Ishizawa has more questions for the siblings. He first asks Ayami if her feelings have more or less cleared up, and if she still wants Hazuki to die. Responding while in tears, Ayami is now unsure of what she wants despite her hatred still persisting.

Now it's Hikawa's turn: Ishizawa solemnly inquires if Hikawa only used Keiko for their plan, and whether or not he actually harbored feelings of love for her.

As Hikawa struggles to answer, another earthquake hits. Ishizawa finds himself losing balance on the roof's edge, but Ayami quickly pushes him back, taking the fall instead. As it is, you are the only one close enough to save her!!! Quick, do something!!!

-Reach for Ayami with all your might!
-At this rate it would be impossible to save her...

This is it. Everything you've endured up to now will depend on how you handled yourself these past few days and this final choice...